Real Steel is one of those movies that I wish had done better. It's not an especially great film, but it's admirable for what it wants to do and say, and is, at the very least, an enjoyable time. But nonetheless, it fell flat in theaters, but is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

The Blu-Ray looks amazing, crystal clear and colorful. And, I'm aware of how dorky this is, but I was quite happy the loading time on the disc was very low. (I hope I'm not the only one to recognize the leaps and bounds Blu-Ray loading times have made. I remember the first Blu-Ray I bought took forever. And by forever, I mean about 10 seconds. But those are 10 seconds of looking at cat and girl photos on the Internet that I won't get back!)

It's not packed to the gills with features, but what it does have is pretty good. "Countdown to the Fight: The Charlie Kenton Story" is sort of a behind-the-music video of Hugh Jackman's character from the film. You only need to watch it if you're an "extra features completist." Otherwise, you can skip it.

"Making of Metal Valley" is a great feature where you see how they created a large sequence in the film. Director Shawn Levy does most of the talking and explaining as they show how they created Metal Valley, which had no real description in the script (isn't that something of a screenwriting no-no? And is saying no-no a no-no?) Levy gives a lot of credit to his crew for helping create the film, which is nice to see since Hollywood is full of many egotistical directors (COUGH-Michael Bay-COUGH).

The rest of the features are a nice watch. Sugar Ray Leonard has a five minute segment detailing how he helped Hugh Jackman act like a real boxer. "Building Bots" is a cool behind-the-scenes look at how they created the practical and CGI robots. "Real Steel Second Screen" is a feature where you download an app to your computer or iPad, sync it to the film playing on your TV, and watch more extra features while the film plays. It's a pretty cool feature and something I hope gets included on more Blu-Rays.

And finishing things out are your standard deleted and extended scnes, bloopers, and audio commentary by Levy, who is a fairly charming and interesting guy.

Overall, it's a great Blu-Ray, It looks phenomenal, and has some fun features you can enjoy. Also, the film provides you with the fun game of "Who is Hotter: Hugh Jackman or Evangeline Lilly?" Man or woman, it's a tough game.