Be prepared for a night filled with high drama and suspense with these Japanese thriller DVDs. What sets these Japanese thriller DVDs apart from other movies in their genre is their willingness to work social commentary and a splash of super natural horror into stories of crime, gangsters and technology gone wrong. One thing you can count on with these Japanese thrillers DVDs is that their winding plots and stylized set designs will keep you on the edge of your seat.  

  1. “The Bad Sleep Well” (1960)- Distraught over the sudden death of his father, a young man channels his grief into vengeance in this Japanese thriller dvd. Blaming the all or nothing culture of his father’s company for his death, our hero slowly exacts his revenge against the company and the system responsible for his father’s death. As the film goes on, his mission slowly turns from a quest for vengeance to a burning desire to bring down the system that he feels is ruining families throughout Japan.

  2. “Youth of the Beast” (1960)- When it was first released, this Japanese thriller DVD turned traditional Japanese film making on its head with its go-go girls and ultra modern set design. But its the story of a ex-cop turned hit man and the gang war he ignites that has helped this movie stand the test of time. Anytime a cop turns rouge you would think that the gangsters would watch their backs after all, there is no honor among thieves, but there is even less honor among cops who aspire to become thieves.

  3. “Cure” (1997)- This Japanese thriller DVD is a tight crime thriller with a slight horror movie edge. There is a wave of brutal murders sweeping the city of Tokyo. The only thing that the victims have in common is that they’re dead and a “X” carved across their throats. Enter a cop and a psychiatrist who have to solve the mystery of these gruesome deaths and stop a killer before the city is in the grip of a panic.

  4. “Chaos” (1999)- In this Japanese thriller movie, nothing is what it seems. The wife of a business man asks a stranger to help her fake her kidnapping in exchange for a share in the ransom money. The plot seems easy enough done until his fake victim is found dead. Having a dead body on your hands is bad enough, but when that body is seen walking the streets as if nothing has happened you know this will not be good.

  5. “Pulse” (2001)- An interesting spin on technology and the after life, this Japanese thriller DVD looks at a rash of suicides among the youth of Tokyo and a web site that claims to offer people a glimpse of the after life. As the body count rises, the cops and web site users race to find the real reason behind the suicides. Does the web site really let people interact with the dead, or is there a more sinister plot afoot?