DVD Rundown: July 12th

Tuesday, July 12 by

It’s Tuesday. Therefore, it’s new DVD day. Therefore, Screen Junkies is making me post a list of the new DVD’s that will be hitting stores today. Huzzah.

I hope you like concert videos, because this week, we’ve got a ton of them. We’ve also got a Matthew McConaughey movie, a talking lizard, and robot chicken. With so many options to choose from, you’d be a fool not to waste your money on a format that will probably obsolete within the next few years. With that in mind, here’s this week’s DVD Rundown!

New Releases

Lincoln Lawyer My Dog Tulip Insidious Brother Justice
Brazil Miral Arthur (7/15) Rango (7/15)



Entourage (S:7) Damages (S:3) Robot Chicken (S:3) ER (S:15)



Foreigner: Live Rage Against the Machine: Live at the Grand Olympic Foo Fighters: Back and Forth Megadeth: That One Night
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