The Toy Story 3 DVD is packed with special features. After you’re finished rewatching the exceptional third film in the series, take a look at how it all came together. The only downside is after you might be depressed that you don’t work at Pixar.

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Day & Night: Theatrical Short

The clever dialogue-less short that played before Toy Story 3 in theaters is included in the DVD. Like most Pixar films, it teaches a simple lesson, but in a fresh way. I learned that I shouldn’t fear change, and that Vegas is a helluva lot cooler at night.

Buzz Lightyear Mission Logs: The Science of Adventure

Be warned, this feature is a science lesson in disguise. Buzz Lightyear takes us into space and teaches us how the International Space Station navigates and explores the unknown. A good refresher course if you’ve been out of school a few years.

Paths to Pixar: Editorial

The editors on the film explain the basics and art of editing. The editor on an animated film has a degree of control over the filmmaking that an editor on a live action film would never have. If they want a particular shot, they can tell the director to make it happen, as opposed to just having to work with what’s already been shot. Someone needs to keep these Pixar editors in check before a mutiny happens.

Studio Stories: Where’s Gordon?

Andrew Gordon, a Pixar animator, tells of a secret room he found in Pixar Studios that he turned into a swanky lounge. It was not only visited by his bosses, but celebrities, sports stars, and a school soccer teams.

Studio Stories: Cereal Bar

Pixar Studios has a massive cereal bar with any cereal you could ever want. I want to work at Pixar!

Studio Stories: Clean Start

All of the animators shaved their heads and beards at the beginning of Toy Story 3’s production. They then had a contest to see who could let their hair and beards grow back the longest. This was all in the name of camaraderie.


The Pixar team explains how they designed all of the toys for the film. The old toys, including Woody and Buzz, got a makeover that utilized the advancement in technology since the previous films.

The Gang’s All Here

A behind the scenes look at the actors who voiced the characters. I watch Michael Keaton behind the mic and all I see is Beetlejuice. It’s also nice to see Tom Hanks and Tim Allen getting along. I heard Hanks slashed his tires during the last Toy Story. That could have just been something I made up though.

A Toy’s Eye View: Creating a Whole New Land

A look at how Disney instituted Toy Story attractions into their various theme parks around the world. If you’ve ever visited Hong Kong Disney, let me know what it’s like riding inside Slinky Dog.

Toy Story 3 releases on Blu-Ray and DVD this Tuesday.