I love TRON: Legacy. I understand that's kind of an indefensible position given the stilted acting, thin plot, and CGI Jeff Bridges, but I can't help it. It oozes everything about style and design that I love I am a whore for visuals. So when it came time to review the upcoming Blu-ray, Longshanks had two options: hand it over or HAND IT OVER.

So how does a movie that practically begs for big screen presentation fair in the home theater? Surprisingly well. If you were only kind of lukewarm on this movie when it hit the multiplex, you now have the option of skipping past Jeff Bridges as Clu every time he's on screen so you don't have to see that horrible, horrible mo-cap facial animation (note: that isn't an automated feature, you're going to have to manually fast-forward past the suck). You can re-watch the light cycle sequence over and over and over again, staring at the light trails with your eyes glassy and your jaw hanging open—seriously, if ever there was a scene that deserved immediate reviewing it's anything in this movie with light trails. Hell, you can even throw it on while you're listening to music and just have the candy-coated visuals play in the background.

The transfer is, of course, crisp and beautiful. As we move into an increasingly digital world I think crappy DVD and Blu-ray transfers will be a thing of the past. This movie looks gorgeous and practically begs for you to go out and get a newer, better, bigger TV. The audio is just as nice. This movie bumps and if you're a Daft Punk fan, you are legally required to own this disc along with Interstella 5555.

This brings us to the special features, which are decent but a little sparse.

• First Look at "TRON: Uprising"- First look unless you saw it online a month ago. It's the new animated series featuring a grip of good voice talent, and it looks awesome until you see the character design/animation. Ew. It looks like a bad DC cartoon. Doesn't mesh with the sweet light cycles and environments at all.

• Visualizing TRON- Watch this if only to see how they made the suits worn in this movie. Insane. I can't believe this wasn't even nominated for a Costume Design Oscar. I would literally kill someone for a motorcycle jacket with lit panels on the inside. There could honestly be a lot more making-of type stuff in here, but oh well.

• Installing the cast- Nothing too interesting here. But you do get to see more of Olivia Wilde. I would watch her read the phone book. I'm not kidding. You also get to see Garret Hedlund have what looks like an insane amount of fun prepping for his role.

• The Next Day: Flynn Lives Revealed- This also leaked a few weeks back. It could have been cool but the faux-documentary style is ruined by horrible acting. There are a couple neat easter eggs at the end on the high score screen. It's pretty self explanatory, but what you're looking for is DJR and SPC if I'm not mistaken. One is an exchange between Dillinger Jr and an old friend, and the other is a fake 80s commercial for Space Paranoids. Both pretty sweet. The rest are just extended bits from the Next Day short.

• TRON: Disney Second Screen- The Second Screen App wasn't available at the time I reviewed this, which sucks. Basically when the movie starts you hit play on the app, and as the movie progresses you can some cool bonus info on your screen, like vehicle schematics and scene progressions (animatic to green screen to complete scene).

• Launching the Legacy- Not that interesting. They really pat themselves on the back when it comes to predicting the future in the first movie. Ironic since they completely ignored all the cool advances in computing since the original TRON came out. The Internet? Hacking? Maybe these things would have made your movie a little less like the original? Maybe?

• Disc Roars- Spoiler: the crowd cheers in the arena during the disc wars scene was a bunch of sweaty nerds at Comic-Con. If you were there, relive the best day of your life. If you were not there, you probably don't care.

• "Derezzed" Music video- If you haven't seen Daft Punk's video for Derezzed then you suck. It's a quick look inside a TRON-like jousting game that kind of mashes up visuals from both TRON movies, and it's pretty much the greatest music video since whatever Daft Punk's last music video was. I kid, but only slightly. Seeing Daft Punk in costume is always awesome.

That's it. No audio commentaries for some reason. Kind of bummed about that. And no deleted or extended scenes either. Maybe they're saving it for when TRON 3 comes out in 2030.

Final verdict: If you were a fan of the flick and actually still buy Blu-rays, it's a no-brainer. If you're looking for a disc to show off your bad-ass new home theater rig, it's a no-brainer. If you're on the fence but looking for special features, know that the movie looks and sounds amazing, but you may want to stick to renting. Everyone else, at least give it a rent. I think once your expectations have been dashed by digital Jeff Bridges emotionless face you'll be able to embrace some really, really cool-looking action scenes.

B Hunt out.