The Usual Suspects, the movie that started the twist ending craze, comes to Limited Edition Blu-ray. The film won two Academy Awards in 1995 -- Best Screenplay for Christopher McQuarrie and Best Supporting Actor for Kevin Spacey as the cripple Verbal Kint. It also let us know that Benicio del Toro can mumble like a champ.

There's nothing here you haven't seen on previous editions of the film, except its new, fancy packaging. An informative booklet attached to the cover sheds light on some of the behind the scenes action and trivia. A cast breakdown is also provided, as well as an essay entitled "The Ending That Shook The World" by Travis Baker. If you weren't aware that The Usual Suspects has a surprise ending, I apologize for kind of ruining it, but seriously, how do you not know that by now? The film looks terrific on Blu-ray, with rich colors and a crystal clear picture that accentuate the noir tone.