It's the film that made Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron stars. The Terminator has dropped another edition on Blu-ray, and there isn't much here that we haven't seen before. The visuals and sound are as impressive as the 80s allow. It's not any fault of the film, mind you. Back in 1984 the effects, musical score, and teased bangs wowed, but now those elements date a well-written and directed action flick. However, it's still impossible not to enjoy The Terminator. Just trying to figure out the time travel logistics keeps your mind racing. There's also that cringe-worthy moment when Arnold pops out his own eye and reveals the exoskeleton underneath his flesh. Just keep telling yourself it's not real.

Special features include a look into creating the effects and a retrospective of the film. These can be seen on earlier home versions of the film, though.