Hey everyone! It's your favorite part-time writer back with the review you've all been waiting for: the Blu-ray of Skyline, the science-fiction film (emphasis on the "fiction" part) that had aliens destroying L.A. almost a full four months before Battle: Los Angeles. In Skyline, two BFFs 4ever reunite in Los Angeles and party like young bros do before being RUDELY woken up by an alien invasion. 95% of the movie takes place in the same location (condo, pool, condo, roof, condo, pool, condo, roof), which gives it a really boring, uninspired feel. With a better script and better cast this could have been a cool indie film, but instead it's just a brainless, derivative vanity project from some of the worst directors in the world, with the only original twist coming in the very last minutes of the movie. Had this "twist" happened at the halfway point instead of being saved for a sequel you might have had a better movie.

I mentioned Battle: LA in my opening. Both movies suck in their own unique way. Skyline has the indie thing going for it (though it's shot well enough that you think it's just a crappy studio movie with a really bad script and bad cast), while Battle: LA has an awesome premise, decent cast, and horrible execution. Neither is bad enough to be fun.

But I suppose by now you know what the critics thought (16% on Rotten Tomatoes as I write this) or heard from your friends, so who cares what I think of the movie itself? What's important is the Blu-ray and whether or not you should buy or even rent it. In short, no. But there is a caveat: The audio commentary from the Strause Brothers—excuse me—Th Brothers Strause is actually pretty interesting if you're into the details of making a movie. They go into the Red system and how it saved them truckloads of money, how they cut corners by using music their friends did (if you hate name droppers, skip this commentary), and why so much of it was filmed in one location (one of the brothers' newly renovated condos, and might I say, it's a really nice condo).

Aside from two commentary tracks (the other one is from the writers and producer), there are a couple of deleted scenes which offer nothing new, a couple "alternate" scenes which offer nothing new, and two pre-vis sequences, one of which is insanely long and insanely boring. That's it. For a passion project I find it weird that there isn't any on-set featurettes or interviews or anything. Here are full Blu-ray contents:

Deleted scenes with optional commentary
Alternate scenes with optional commentary
Previsualization with optional commentary
Teaser/Theatrical trailers with optional commentary
Feature commentary with Liam O’Donnell and Joshua Cordes
Feature commentary with Greg and Colin Strause
My Scenes bookmark feature
D-Box Motion Code enabled
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There's no way you should buy this Blu-ray unless you have already seen and enjoy the movie, everyone else skip it entirely or rent if you're in film school and interested in making a sci-fi film on the cheap. And if you do, please, PLEASE make it better than this one.