Feel all of the hits, both emotionally and physically, with the Blu-ray Raging Bull 30th Anniversary Edition. One of the best Scorsese films ever made, one of the best De Niro films ever made, hell, one of THE best films ever made. De Niro transforms into boxer Jack La Motta. He takes the blows, delivers the smacks, and makes you waffle between intense hatred and intense sympathy within a matter of minutes. Scorsese is at the top of his game in every aspect. It’s the film he should have won the Oscar for, but had to wait almost 30 more years to get it for The Departed.

Raging Bull has been on Blu-ray already, so while the quality is great, it’s nothing to new a person who already owns a previous addition. What impresses is the abundance of special features on the 30th Anniversary Edition. There’s a fourteen-minute love story on Marty & Bobby. If you didn’t already know, they’re connected at the soul. “Raging Bull: Reflections on a Classic,” “Remembering Jake,” and “Marty on Film” lend more insight into the research and filmmaking process. Then the feature length documentary, Raging Bull: Fight Night, takes you through four intense rounds of behind the scenes drama. After you get through the entire Blu-ray, you’ll be Raging Bull heavyweight champ.