Dances With Wolves 20th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray is guaranteed to keep you busy until the cows come home. Not only is the extended edition of the film four-hours long, but the special features and vignettes will inform you of anything and everything you might want to know about dancing, wolves, and shooting both of those things. The film looks fantastic on Blu-ray. If there was a way it was supposed to be seen, it’s definitely this. The landscape is so serene it makes you want to grab your tent, or tee-pee, and head toward open land.

As for the special features, “A Day In The Life On The Western Frontier” is great if you’re up for a history lesson. I personally would rather watch fictitious account of the times, but the historians interviewed know their stuff. The original making of the film doesn’t present the production values we’re used to with today’s making-ofs. The narration quickly becomes tiresome. An hour and fourteen-minute retrospective on the Dances answers any last questions you might have after watching the rest.