10 Must-Have Classic Movie DVDs

Thursday, December 9 by Travis Petersen

This list of 10 must-have classic movie DVDs is the beginning of a wonderful collection of the best of cinema. Any cinephile should have some if not all of the films on this list of must-have classic movie DVDs in his or her collection. Whether you're looking for gift ideas for your favorite movie fan or starting a collection for yourself, you can't go wrong with any of the items on this list of must-have classic movie DVDs.

  1. "Citizen Kane" Two-Disc Special Edition – Widely regarded as the best film ever made, prodigy Orson Welles' first film is an essential must-have classic movie DVD. If you're interested in film at all, start here.
  2. "Seven Samurai" Criterion Collection – Akira Kurosawa's samurai epic, remade as the western "The Magnificent Seven", is another great film. It belongs on any list of must-have classic movie DVDs.
  3. "The Searchers" Two-Disc 50th Anniversary Edition – John Ford's grandest western achievement, a dark story featuring an iconic John Wayne performance, is displayed on this must-have classic movie DVD. The opening shot is often-imitated, never duplicated.
  4. "The Seventh Seal" Criterion Collection – Ingmar Bergman's story of death and the black plague is moving, strangely funny, and evocative. The Criterion version restores the beautiful photography to its highest level, making this a perfect choice for our list of must-have classic movie DVDs.
  5. "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" Cinema Classics Collection – This cult classic is perfect for any fan of kitsch. Russ Meyer's sexy satire features good music, funny dialogue, and lots of nice "scenery."
  6. "Rear Window" Collector's Edition – Hitchcock's best mystery is a must-have classic movie DVD for any collection. Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly light up the screen and the suspense in the air is palpable.
  7. "Sunset Boulevard" Special Collector's Edition – Billy Wilder's Hollywood story is a darkly funny film that bears repeat viewings. That's why it's on the list of must-have classic movie DVDs. 
  8. "Notorious" Criterion Collection – Hitchcock's spy story is one of his best. The Criterion restoration of the print has made this classic beautiful on screen again. 
  9. "The Night of the Hunter" Criterion Collection – A story of a left-handed right-hand. A story of love and hate. A terrific film, and a newly released addition to our list of must-have classic movie DVDs.
  10. "Gone With the Wind" Four-Disc Collector's Edition – Any fan of big Hollywood spectacle loves the epic "Gone With the Wind." It closes out our list of 10 must-have classic movie DVDs.


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