This list of 10 funny movies on DVD 2010 includes some of the year’s biggest money makers. Many of Hollywood’s up and coming stars—like Michael Cera and Zach Galifianakis—dot the list, expanding their resumes. Good comedies are a great way to spend a night at home. Pick up a DVD, pop some popcorn and cozy up to your girlfriend.

  1. “Get Him to the Greek” This film stars Jonah Hill as a record company employee who has to lead rocker Aldous Snow (played by Russell Brand) across the country for a comeback concert. Brand’s character, as can be expected, tries to derail him at every turn with his carefree attitude.

  2. “Dinner for Schmucks” In this film, a group of well-heeled men hold an annual dinner to which each invites a loser. The idea is to invit the biggest loser they can find and Steve Carrel doesn’t disappoint playing the role of a stooge.

  3. “The Hangover” This movie is about a bunch of strait-laced guys who hit Vegas for a bachelor party. They wake up the day after the party with everything amiss and no memory. The hilarity follows as they try to piece together the evening, like, just where did that tiger come from, anyway?

  4. “Cop Out” Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan team up for their version of the buddy cop movie, one of the funny movies on DVD in 2010. Directed by funnyman Kevin Smith, the cops go up against a violent gangster over a rare baseball card.

  5. “Date Night” Two of TV’s biggest stars—Tina Fey and Steve Carell—play a hum-drum suburban couple who go out for a night on the town in this film. Things start out average enough and then go terribly awry, leading to one funny scene after the next.

  6. “She’s Out of My League” Jay Baruchel plays an airport security agent who doesn’t have very much going for him, especially in his love life. When one day an attractive gal who he treats well—while his co-workers oogle and insult her—leaves her cell phone by accident, he retrieves it for her and an unlikely relationship starts.

  7. “The Back-Up Plan” Jennifer Lopez is as smokin' hot as ever in this film, where she gets artificially inseminated on her way to becoming a single mom. Just as she does so, however, she meets a guy … a guy who just might turn out to be the man she had sought for so long.

  8. “The Other Guys” The normally serious Mark Wahlberg takes a crack at his comic side in this movie, paired with the always goofy Will Ferrell. The stumbling and bumbling duo—one of whom shot Derek Jeter during the World Series—aren’t exactly the best crime-fighting duo.

  9. “Greenberg” Ben Stiller stars in this slow comedy as a New Yorker who transplants himself to the west coast to housesit for his brother. A little in the dumps, he tries to figure things out and stumbles into a relationship. Unlike in his awful “Fockers” franchise, this movie has a quiet and funny sensibility to it.

  10. “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” Not your typical teen movie, this film, one of the 10 funny movies on DVD in 2010, is part-fantasy, part-comic book and all adventure. Scott must fight off a supernatural-like set of ex-boyfriends to win the affection of a girl he likes. It’s very unique and well produced.