There was quite a selection of shows released on DVD this year, here are the 10 best TV on DVD releases 2010. Some were great first season releases, classics that were released for the first time, or complete seasons that we have been clamoring for. Let's take a look at ten that stuck out in 2010.

  1. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" - This is a repackaging of the complete television series. Experience the classic Joss Whedon created Buffy-verse with all seven seasons. The story of a teenage vampire slayer and her loyal and sometimes magical friends was consistently witty, intelligent and emotionally satisfying.

  2. "Modern Family" - The first season DVD release is a near perfect introduction to one of the funniest sitcoms in a very long time. The actors are flawless and able to provide plenty of laughs with believable characters. This show also benefits from heart, with none of that mean spirited comedy that had started to become popular in recent years.

  3. "glee" - There were two DVD releases in 2010 for this popular show about a misfi glee club. Some couldn't wait for the release of the first half of the seasons, but now you can get the entire first season. Some might find the show to be too buzz worthy, and fail to check it out for that reason, but it's hard to disagree that "Glee" is a good-hearted show with talented actors, fantastic writing and quality musical numbers every week.

  4. "Mad Men" - The third season of this award winning TV show was all about change and kept things interesting. Secrets were revealed and positions were changed. Our favorite cad Don Draper is faced with difficulty when his whole life crumbles around him and he stumbles around trying to get things back to where they once were.

  5. "The Norm Show" - A complete series DVD set of a television show that most people probably don't even remember. If you are a fan of underrated comedian Norm McDonald, this is a must. The show was a hilarious look at a hockey player turned reluctant social worker. A great ensemble cast paired with Norm's snarky demeanor made for good sitcom television.

  6. "Pee Wee's Playhouse" - A kid's television show that is so entertaining, adults can't help but love it. A weird and wacky journey packed in each episode with your cruise director, the insanely optimistic Pee Wee Herman.  You would be hard pressed to find another quality children's program that is so damn watchable.

  7. "Daria" - The complete series from the 90's is finally on DVD. The MTV animated show about a sarcastic teenage girl who is constantly poking fun at her clueless peers was a delightful comedic surprise. Some think that it was Janeane Garofalo who voiced the irritated teen, but that was a just a rumor.

  8. "Party Down" - If you were a fan on the masterpiece "Veronica Mars", you may want to check out this always amusing show about Los Angeles caterers. There are plenty of familiar faces due to Rob Thomas having had created both shows. Airing on Starz may have been a reason why this show was overlooked, but now you can check it out on DVD.

  9. "Community" - It is quite amazing that there wasn't a television show that took place on a community college campus before this. With plenty of built-in mockery and ready made punch-lines, the junior college crowed finally get heckled. With a great ensemble headed up by the Charming Joel McHale, the show is a constant joy.

  10. "Dollhouse" - Another great Joss Whedon television show that ended way before its time ("Firefly", anyone?). "Dollhouse" starred Eliza Dushku as one of the many players in a group of fantasy makers that helped rich people fulfill their ultimate desire. It was a unique show, so of course FOX would cancel it. Whedon practically owes his career to the DVD releases of his canceled television shows.