The 10 best romance DVD movies are films that appeal to both men and women. Their availability on DVD ensures that you won't have to wait for one of the movie channels to show these films before you can see them. A few of these romantic movies are serious, but most of them are charming, fun and lighthearted. Fortunately, high quality DVD editions are available for each of these exceptional movies. 

  1. “Pretty Woman.” Everyone loves this film about a ruthless business raider and a perky prostitute who cross paths and spend a week together. This romance movie launched Julia Roberts into bankable star status. Buy this movie on DVD because you'll watch it again and again.

  2. “My Fair Lady.” Professor Higgins takes a flower girl off the streets of London and trains her until she passes for a princess in society. Along the way, they fall in love. Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn star in this film version of the play “Pygmalion.” This movie was recently re-released on DVD.

  3. “Kate and Leopold.” An English duke travels in time from the 19th century to 21st century New York and falls in love with a modern woman. Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman play the lead roles in this romance movie that's now available on DVD.

  4. “Titanic.” Kate Winslet plays a young upper class woman who falls in love with a working class man, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, while traveling on the doomed ship's maiden voyage. Multiple editions of this blockbuster epic romance movie are available on DVD.

  5. “My Man Godfrey.” A rich, ditzy young woman brings home a hobo to be the family butler, but the hobo isn't what he appears to be. William Powell and Carole Lombard received Oscar nominations for their performances in this screwball comedy romance movie. There are several DVD editions available, but the quality of some of them is poor.

  6. “Hello Dolly.” Barbara Streisand and Walter Matthau head up a fine cast in this musical romance about a matchmaker who sets her sights on one of her clients. This romance movie has grown in popularity over time, and the DVD is an excellent restored print.

  7. “Slumdog Millionaire.” Dev Patel plays a young man who was orphaned as a child, wins big on an Indian game show and is arrested for cheating because the police believe that someone of his background couldn't possibly have answered the show's questions. This emotional, magical romance movie won eight Academy Awards. At one point, it was scheduled to go straight to DVD without being shown in theaters.

  8. “Romancing the Stone.” This is just a fun movie. The chemistry between Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas is wonderful, and Danny DeVito provides comic relief. This romance movie is about a novelist on the way to Columbia to rescue her kidnapped sister. The novelist winds up in the wilderness with an adventurous opportunist. The DVD of this movie is very reasonably priced.

  9. “There's Something About Mary.” This romantic movie may be unique in that it's both a comedy romance and a gross out movie. A geek lucks up and gets the best looking girl in school to go to the prom with him. Unfortunately, he gets his penis caught in his zipper on prom night. Years later, he tracks the girl down because he still loves her. This romantic movie was a monster hit and made Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller stars. The DVD of this offbeat, crude laugh riot has sold well over the years.

  10. “An Officer and a Gentleman.” Richard Gere and Debra Winger star in this feel good romantic movie. A tough drill sergeant trains a group of young men and women hoping to become air force pilots. The local girls pursue the trainees in hopes of becoming the wives of commissioned officers. You'll want to buy the DVD of this movie because you'll watch it often.