The ten best Italian films on DVD are classics that can be viewed in any country. Italian films are passionate and have a style all their own. Italian films have evolved over the years from stylistic and experimental to blockbusters.

  1. "La Dolce Vita." This Italian classic is all about social life. In Italian society, often times its hard to find where you belong. This film explores what happens when a driven journalist gets caught up in the elite class with his girlfriend. This conflicts with his passion for journalism, and eventually he must choose which is more important to him.

  2. "Armarcord." This Italian film by director Federico Fellini is now available on DVD with English subtitles, and is a must-see for Italian film fans. It portrays a year in a life of a small town where the director grew up.

  3. "La Grande Guerra." When this film was released, Italy was trying to scramble its thoughts around what had happened in World War I. This Italian movie takes a look back at the first world war and follows two men as they try to desperately avoid it. It's available on DVD and the quality is spectacular! 

  4. "Amici Miei." This Italian movie tells the story of a group of friends that never keep to themselves. They play practical jokes on people wondering around Florence. However, a prank gets over their heads when one of the members falls in love with the target's wife! This film features a spectacular cast of some of Italy's finest actors.

  5. "Toto d'Arabia." Classic Italian comedian, Prince Antonio De Curtis, stars in this slapstick Italian film. Made in 1964, it pokes fun at films like "Lawrence of Arabia." It follows an Italian soldier, Toto (agent 008), who must act as a spy for the British in the middle east. Hilarity ensues with this Italian film DVD. 

  6. "Le Fate Ignoranti." Made in 2002, this Italian film explores the after effects of death. An AIDS doctor's husband passes away and she discovers he was cheating on her with a man. In her attempt to move on with her life, she goes to see his lover and the various friends he lives with.

  7. "Honolulubaby." This Italian film on DVD tells the metaphorical story of an engineer who isn't allowed to speak Italian in the workplace. If he does, he will be lost in a town in South America, filled with women. His company looses him there and he meets the only other man in this town who has managed to build himself a home. They decide to find all the missing men in the town, but they must go through some tough obstacles first.

  8. "Un Americano a Roma." This Italian film parodies the relationship between Europe and the United States. America was having a boom time while Italy, was not. A young man named Nando, becomes obsessed with America and parodies anything he can from the country, walking like John Wayne and speaking American-English.

  9. "La Scuola." Anytime there is drama in the class room, it make for a great film. This Italian film follows a teacher during the course of a school year. It shows the complications that are involved with teaching in Italy. 

  10. "C'eravano Tanto Amati." This Italian drama tells the story of young men trying to fight the Nazi occupation in Italy during World War II. The DVD of this film is made in high quality so each frame brings cinematic brilliance to the screen. Though made in the 1970's, this film doesn't leave anything to the imagination.