This list of the 10 best horror DVD releases includes some of the most spine-chilling and disturbing films ever made. These days, pretty much every movie can be had for rent, making the classics you loved when you were younger just a click or two away. You can watch them over and over, since you can really never see blood splatter too many times.

  1. “Friday the 13th.” This is certainly one of the best horror DVD releases, most recently hitting the rental market in 2009—along with a Blu-ray version—with a very brief portion of previously unseen footage. The mother of all horror franchise, this 1980 release with its iconic bad guy with iconic ski mask is a classic.

  2. “The Exorcist.” One of the better graphic scary movies ever made, this film is one of the best horror DVD releases, and was nominated for ten Oscars upon its release. The 25th-anniversary DVD set includes some great special features, including alternate endings and a documentary.

  3. “Misery.” Based on a Steven King book, this movie is not a slasher film, but still quite scary. One of the best horror DVD releases, it’s about a novelist who suffers a terrible car accident in a snow storm. He’s “rescued” by a slightly off nurse who is his “biggest fan.” When she realizes he’s killed off her favorite character in his latest novel, things get ugly.

  4. “Nightmare on Elm Street.” This film introduced the great villain Freddy Krueger to American movie audiences. The DVD was released in a special edition box set along with its six sequels. A very young Johnny Depp stars in this one … until he gets gutted, that is.

  5. “The Lost Boys.” This great film starred the creepy Kiefer Sutherland as the head of a rogue gang of teen vampires, terrorizing a California town. One of the best horror DVD releases, the movie has a great cast, with Jason Patric, the two Coreys, and Dianne Wiest, and is supremely scary.

  6. “The Shining.” Another Steven King novel makes this list, this adaptation starring Jack Nicholson at his frightening best. His family is taking care of a massive hotel during the off season, and the isolation—and spirits that haunt it—start to drive him mad. The outcomes are unfortunate.

  7. “Psycho.” This Hitchcock classic is about a deranged hotel owner who has a strained relationship with his mother. His mother, unfortunately, has been dead for sometime, and she provides his dialogue. Some of those who check in don’t check out, especially once they take a shower. The movie has been released for home rental on several different media, including DVD.

  8. “Halloween.” A great horror movie from the 1970s, this movie contains very little in graphic imagery, but is scary nonetheless. Michael is the bad guy in this one, starring a young Jamie Lee Curtis who spends a lot of time bouncing around and running from danger. The movie spawned several sequels.

  9. “The Blair Witch Project.” The DVD for this film was released in 1999, allowing audiences to watch at home the movie that took the country by storm earlier that year. A faux realistic movie about a few college kids lost in the Maryland woods, the shoestring budget made its money back thousands of times over.

  10. “28 Days Later.” This movie is one of the best horror DVD releases, featuring the great Brit actors Cillian Murphy and Brendan Gleeson. An apocalyptic zombie film, Murphy’s character wakes up in a hospital and all hell as broken loose—literally.