The 10 best French movies on DVD are also some of the best films -- ever. And because you're not likely to catch a French subtitled film on the late, late show, you'll need to look for these fine movies on DVD.

  1. "Beauty and The Beast" No, this is not that Disney animated film, but it is as good as the animated Disney movie is. Rather, it's a mystical and mysterious Jean Cocteau film. This classic French film is available on DVD at your best movie disc outlets.

  2. "Breathless" This Jean-Luc Godard French DVD is both a love story and a crime tale. It's also a murder story, where a car thief knocks of a cop. He then attempts to convince a girl to hide out with him in Italy. It has a lot of action, as well as romantic intrigue.

  3. "Cyrano de Bergerac" Gerard Depardieu stars in this French DVD about a big-nosed word master. It's the classic tale of beauty in the eye of the beholder. In this case, beauty is more in the ear of the beholder.

  4. "Jean de Florette" Two crazies in this French DVD pair to interrupt the lone water supply of a nearby property so as to financially ruin its owner in hopes that this makes him sell it. This is also a Gerard Depardieu vehicle, perhaps the most popular living male French actor. The story proves that crazy can sometimes be awfully entertaining.  

  5. "Jesus of Montreal" This 1989 French film is the perfect example of life imitating art. While a troupe is putting on a controversial Passion Play, their lives begin to take on characteristics of the Passion. Yet, what could be more Christian than that?

  6. "La Femme Nikita" We love it when hot chicks fight crime. In this 1990 French film, a convicted criminal gets a second chance. In her new life, she's a fashionable assassin and/or spy.

  7. "Manon of the Spring" In this 1986 French movie, a shepherdess plans revenge on evil men she believes caused her father's death. They did so by conspiring to drive him off his land. Yves Montand stars in this memorable film.

  8. "The Discrete Charm of the Bougoisie" This Luis Bunuel film is one of the more surreal examples of French DVDs. It involves confusing dreams. These dreams, strangely enough, keep interrupting a perfectly good meal.

  9. "The Double Life of Veronique" This 1991 French movie on DVD concerns itself with beautiful women. They're both musical. They both also live in very different parts of the world -- Poland and France. It's mysterious, as only French films can be.  

  10. "The Reader" This 1988 French movie on DVD drives home the point of always being nice to the people in your life. You may meet them again later down the line. That's what happens to this story about a lawyer asked to defend his former lover many years later.