The list of the 10 best family movies on DVD includes some great films that will provide a wonderful evening of entertainment. Spending the night with the family around a bowl of popcorn, a few sodas and a movie that will delight everyone in the home is an American tradition. These films straddle that line between kids’ and adults’ movies and entertain both.

  1. "The Princess Bride" This film, one of the best family movies on DVD, is about Buttercup and her Wesley, who in taken away from her but then reappears as a pirate. Wesley hasn’t changed and still loves her. He must save her from the evil Humperdinck. Your kids will love the ROUSes!

  2. "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" This is the second film in the Potter franchise and is one of the best family movies on DVD you can rent. The Chamber is home to a monster terrorizing Hogwarts. Not only will Harry battle the monster, he also deals with Tom Riddle’s evil diary.

  3. "Disney's The Kid" This fun movie, one of the best family movies on DVD, stars Bruce Willis as a man who has grown bitter and cold. A kid shows up at his house unexpectedly and Willis’s character eventually realizes its himself as a young boy. The kid helps him find what it means to be happy again.

  4. "Mary Poppins" This classic Disney flick is one of the best family movies on DVD and an all-time classic. The legendary Julie Andrews plays a magical nanny who comes to rescue two children ruled by a strict and authoritarian father. Great songs abound in this one.

  5. "Millions" This is a touching movie about two young boys who have recently lost their mother. A large bag of money lands in their yard they have to decide what to do with it without telling their father.

  6. "101 Dalmatians" This animated film is about, well, 101 dalmatians. Specifically it’s about them trying to avoid the clutches of the evil and appropriately named Cruella Devil.

  7. “Aladdin” This rollicking good-time of a movie is certainly one of the best family movies on DVD. Aladdin is a street rat who gets turned into a prince by a genie he finds in a magic lamp. Now all he has to do is to convince Princess Jasmine to fall in love with him and fight off the evil Jafar.

  8. "The Wizard of Oz" This classic flick tells the story of poor Dorothy transported to the land of Oz by a tornado. After meeting the Munchkins, she takes their advice and follows the yellow brick road to Oz, meeting a few friends along the way.

  9. "Disney's A Christmas Carol" The classic Dickens’ story is brought to you like never before in a fantastic 3-D, computer-graphic presentation. Jim Carrey plays multiple parts in the film, which stays story to Dickens’s dialogue while putting on its own spin.

  10. "Miracle on 34th Street" A Christmas story for the ages, this tale stars Natalie Wood as a young girl who doesn’t believe in Santa. Meanwhile, Macy’s has hired a new Santa for Christmas who believes he’s the real deal. Will he be able to convince her and the judge overseeing his trial?