Search no more for the best of last year's movies, this article will highlight the 10 best DVD releases for 2009. DVD rental chains add at least four new titles to their stock each week. Check the following list for the 10 best DVD releases for 2009.

  1. " Slumdog Millionaire. " This DVD hit rental chains and stores on March 31, it is a feel-good movie.  An uneducated teenage orphan from India's slums answers every question on a game show correctly by simply reflecting on his tough life experiences.

  2. " Australia. " This DVD was released on March 3rd, it is an epic period film set in pre World War II Australia. After inheriting a large ranch, an English Aristocrat hires a cattle rancher to help with her 2,000 head of cattle, and the fending off of greedy cattle barons who are trying to run her off of her land.

  3. " Angels And Demons. " After a respected US symbologist cracks a code left on the skin of a murder victim, he begins to uncover a conspiracy involving the Catholic Church. The DVD was released on November 24th.

  4. " Knowing. " After a 50-year old time capsule is opened at a school, one student's artwork  with just numbers on it stands out. Soon, a professor discovers the numbers aren't random, but a sign of the coming apocalypse. This DVD hit the shelves on July 7th.

  5. " Valkyrie. " It's the height of World War II, and the German brass has come up with the perfect plan to assassinate Adolf Hitler and put and end to his tyranny. They are going to use one of their own who is trusted, and it's going to look like an outside job. The DVD was released on May 19th.

  6.  " Changeling. " This film was inspired by actual events, it is set in Los Angeles during the 1920s. When a woman's missing son is returned to her by the police, she protests, because the boy is not her birth son. But the police department does everything in their power to make her accept the boy as her own. This DVD was released on February 17th.

  7.  " W. " This is a George W. Bush biopic. It covers many turbulent years of alcoholism by former president Bush; it also focuses on his faith in God as well as his rise to the top of the ranks of politics. W. was released to DVD on February 10th.

  8. " Tyson. " This feature length documentary was released on August 18th, It features more than 30 hours of interviews with former boxing champion Mike Tyson. it covers his rise from the slums of Brooklyn NY, to his training under Cuss D'Amato and being the youngest man ever to win the heavyweight championship.

  9. " Away We Go. " A less than responsible thirty-something year old couple sets off across the country in search of the perfect place to raise their unborn interracial child. A must see film; the DVD was released on September 29th.

  10. " Pride And Glory. " The DVD for " Pride And Glory " was released on January 27th. The story revolves around two brothers working for the same police department. One of the brothers; while investigating homicides starts uncovering facts about the crimes that lead to his corrupt brother, which puts them face-to-face with the question; is blood thicker than the code?