With so many DVDs released in 2010, what are the best DVD movie releases in 2010? New DVD movie releases come out like clockwork. Every Tuesday, a new DVD release hits your local retail stores. With four Tuesdays a month and twelve months in a year, the sheer number of new DVD movie releases to go through is rather staggering. Picking the ten best DVD movie releases of 2010 was not an easy task, but the most valiant of valiant efforts was given in compiling this list. Here are the ten best DVD movie releases of 2010.

  1. "Avatar" This movie won a boat load of awards. It's considered by many to be the greatest movie of all time. It was so damn popular that it was released in the theaters and as a DVD movie release twice. If you don't own this flick, you're slipping.

  2. "The Hurt Locker" In the world of movies, this one is known as the giant killer. It nabbed the coveted Best Picture Oscar from "Avatar." It's definitely worth checking out.

  3. "This Is It" This DVD movie release chronicles Michael Jackson's preparation for his would-be comeback tour before his untimely demise. The dancing sequences and music are awesome. What's even more awesome is how this particular brown noser is constantly caught kissing Jackson's butt throughout the documentary.

  4. "The Blind Side" Some people loved this movie, while others really didn't care for it. But the flick was critically acclaimed and Sandra Bullock did a great job. It's about a rich family that adopts a gifted young athlete and transforms his life. More importantly, you should see just how hot Bullock is as a blonde.

  5. "Daybreakers" Imagine a world where everyone is a vampire. Problem is, with no humans left the vamps have no food. This flick's pretty good. A must-see. It's easily one of the better DVD movie releases in 2010.

  6. "The Book of Eli" A post apocalyptic world. Denzel Washington is a warrior protecting a world-changing secret. Action and violence galore. And Mila Kunis. No need to say anything more. Rent and/or buy this one.

  7. "repo men" In the future companies loan out organs like they would a car in 2010. When you can't pay for said organs, the repo men come to reclaim the property. Jude Law and Forest Whitaker are awesome in this flick.

  8. "Robin Hood" You all know the story. Now add Russell Crowe to the mix at Robin Hood and you know it'll be action-packed. It's a great rendition of the age old classic of the daring bandit that robs from the rich to give to the poor. It's also one of the best DVD movie releases of 2010.

  9. "Knight and Day" Tom Cruise is, surprise, surprise, a secret agent. Cameron Diaz is the damsel that's not really in distress. Though it has the elements of a rather cliche spy flick, this movie actually pokes fun at the genre. It's fast paced and very enjoyable. The soundtrack adds to the action as well.

  10. "The A-Team" Most TV to movie remakes suck. Just check out "G.I. Joe." "The A-Team" actually outdoes the TV show. Each character is played flawlessly. The action is great and the story line is over the top just like any "A-Team" episode on the tube. Check this movie out.