Get a healthy done of sex, humor and history with the 10 best Chinese DVD rentals. When you think of the best Chinese DVD rentals, the first thing that may pop into your head is killer marital arts and fight scenes. While there are definitely lots of badass action films to consider, the best Chinese DVD rentals are more focused on the use of satire, conflict, sex and drama to juxtapose traditional Chinese values with modern China and the future of the country.

  1. “The Marriage Certificate” (2001) Doubting the legitimacy of her marriage, a middle-aged woman forces her husband to endure the bureaucracy of the Chinese government in attempts to legitimatize her marriage, her standing in her community and fan the flames of his mid-life crisis in the process in this best Chinese DVD rental.

  2. “So Close to Paradise” (1998) Filled with misunderstandings, police raids and violence, this Chinese DVD rental is a cautionary tale about being careful what you wish for. Cynicism and innocence collide into two friends trying to find a balance between living honestly and a life of crime in the big city.

  3. “Ip Man” (2008) This movie makes the list of the best Chinese DVD rentals because its star, Donnie Yen, was an early trainer of the late great Bruce Lee. This semi-biographical film details the life of great martial arts masters and one of the first men to teach the deadly arts openly.

  4. “Crazy English” (1999) The only documentary to make our list of the ten best Chinese DVD rentals. It looks at a day in the life of Li Yang, a motivational speaker who encourages his countrymen to learn English as a way to boost trade, promote peace and build self-esteem.

  5. “Seventeen Years” (1999) Tao Lin is released from prison seventeen years after the accidental murder of her step-sister. Upon her release, she finds her home destroyed and now has to find a way to reconnect with her family in this Chinese DVD rental. An excellent look at a family trying to reconnect through tragedy.

  6. “I Love Beijing” (2000) Shot through the eyes of a lovelorn taxi driver, this best Chinese DVD rental follows our taxi driver as he glides through the night, looking for love and lamenting the Beijing of his youth. The final installment of director Ning Ying's "Bejiing Trilogy," it's an interesting look at the cultural changes in modern Chinese society.

  7. “Pickpocket” (1997) While his friends have grown up and moved on, Wu has never been able to make a clea break from his past. This Chinese movie is an interesting look at what happens when we finally decide to grow up. As his relationship with a young hooker develops, Wu has to choose between the relative safety of a life of crime or trying to make his way in legitimate society

  8. “Mongol” (2007) This brilliant film details the early life of Genghis Khan. It gives you a glimpse into how he rose from a child born into slavery into a man that would eventually conquer half of the planet. This best Chinese DVD rental is a must-see for history buffs.

  9. “Raise the Red Lantern” (1991) Taking you back in time to the 1920s, this Chinese DVD rental examines the complications of arranged marriage and the depths that the wives will sink to secure their position with their husbands.

  10. “Lust Caution” (2007) An excellent story of sex and espionage. This Chinese DVD rental follows Wang as she uses her feminine charms to infiltrate the political sphere of Mr. Lee during WWII China.