Deciding which movies would make the list of the ten best 2008 DVD movies was not easy. There were several movies that were blockbusters, but the list had to be trimmed to the top ten DVDs  released in 2008. Don’t be offended if your favorite movie didn’t make the list here. There were so many good DVDs released in 2008 that this list could have easily been titled "the 100 best 2008 DVD movies."

  1. "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" -  Harrison Ford is back at Indiana Jones with a stellar cast and an excellent storyline earning the top spot for the ten best 2008 DVD movies list.

  2. "National treasure: Book Of Secrets" - A fast paced adventure starring Nicholas Cage who once again delivers a flawless performance as Benjamin Gates, sliding effortlessly into the number two spot for the 10 best 2008 DVD movies  list.

  3. "Iron Man" - One of the funniest action movies out there. Robert Downey, Jr. was a perfect choice for this movie. It would be difficult to imagine anyone else delivering the transformation from spoiled rich kid to hero that Downey does in this fast paced action film form the list of the ten best 2008 DVD movies.

  4. "The Dark Knight" - It's sad that this movie was overshadowed by the death of Heath Ledger because it had the talent and storyline to be a headliner in its own right.

  5. "Australia" - Hugh Jackman and Nichole Kidman had nothing to worry about when it came to accurately portraying their countrymen (and women). This 2008 DVD movie is an epic tale that will take its place with such movies as “Gone with the Wind” and “The Wizard of Oz."

  6. "Hellboy ll: The Golden Army" - The enemy this time is an evil elf who want to release the Golden Army created to destroy mankind.

  7. "Hancock" - This movie is basically summer up with the phrase, "Superman hits rehab." But Will Smith still has it when it comes to bringing a character to life.

  8. "Snow Buddies" - Anyone who loves dogs is going to be enchanted by these puppies that get accidentally shipped to Alaska in this movie from the list of the ten best 2008 DVD movies.

  9. "Resident Evil: Extinction" - This 2008 DVD movie sequel actually surpasses the original. That doesn’t happen very often. Definitely one worth buying.

  10. "Transformers" - Sam (Shai LaBeouf) gets the car, the action and the girl in this action packed movie from the ten best 2008 DVD movies list.