In my 10+ years of journalism experience, I have found that the best interviews ever are professional wrestlers. Their entire job is public speaking, riling up the crowd. When they get into a more intimate situation, they know exactly how to present their soundbites so they sound like natural conversation and engage you personally.

Dwayne Johnson has been doing this for 10 years himself as a movie star. His latest movie, Faster, is a return to the sort of action we always expected from The Rock. He plays Driver, an ex-con simply out for revenge. He goes after the gang who betrayed him and killed his brother with nary a word, let alone a cute one-liner.

Johnson was a good sport when I tied in Faster with the upcoming Fast Five. The fifth in the Fast and the Furious series pits Johnson against Vin Diesel. He also appreciated my Point Blank reference and told us it’s okay to still call him The Rock. Check out the video below.

The Roc Faster Interview - Watch more Funny Videos