‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Viral Videos Are Screechy And Vague…Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 1 by

Oh, viral marketing! Will you ever not be infuriatingly petty? Probably not, but because this has to do with The Dark Knight Rises, we are contractually obligated to make a huge deal of it.

Three YouTube videos have been launched under the username TheFireRises, which, not at all coincidentally, was the slogan used in conjunction with last week’s Bane images. So these videos are probably connected to the film, as the same audio is playing on The Dark Knight Rises website.

It’s damn near impossible to discern what’s going on here, though it would appear that the fire “is rising” and all hell is “breaking loose.” Of course, anytime video appears in that static-y, digitally distressed fashion, it looks like the end of the world. I shot my brother’s wedding that way, and I was convinced that a monster was going to eat a member of the funk band he hired.

Update: First Showing is reporting that these videos are fan made, and not part of the actual marketing campaign. This comes as a relief, given the poor quality and overall pointlessness of the clips. In fact, the whole incident is reminiscent of the fat guy pretending to Batman at the beginning of The Dark Knight.

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  1. June 1, 2011 3:08 pm

    Andrew Shaw

    One of the youtube videos leads to a Facebook Fanpage which is a fake, using a terribly photoshopped Harvey Dent-esque image of Matthew Modine. This whole thing is a pretty shoddy hoax.

  2. June 1, 2011 3:08 pm


     Right you are, it seems.

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