Fans pay tribute to their favorite films and television shows in a myriad of ways. For some, it can be as simple as quoting a line, or referencing an inside joke with friends ("The dude abides!"). Others join Facebook groups and attend conventions, seeking out like-minded individuals with which to share their devotion. Still others send threatening letters to their favorite actresses, and attempt to assassinate elected officials.

While all these methods are perfectly acceptable, one particular method is often overlooked. Of course I'm talking about the fan-made Youtube tribute video. Anyone with a laptop, basic editing software and an abundance of free time can add to the already-plentiful number of tribute videos that adorn the cyber-landscape. Yet despite the ease of production and distribution, or perhaps because of it, these clips often languish in Internet hell, receiving only a few dozen clicks from people who accidentally find them while looking for porn. In order to shine the spotlight on these overlooked gems, I present to you the following three examples of awesome fan-made tribute videos.

Marked For Death Music Video

Everyone worth a damn in this world loves Seal's musical masterpiece, "Kiss from a Rose." And Steven Seagal's Marked for Death is widely considered to be in the top eight Steven Seagal films of all time. Despite the natural pairing, it took the wisdom of Youtube user xxmikexx187 (check out his movie rants) to put the two together. The haunting melody coupled with visuals of Jamaicans being brutally tortured and killed delights the senses in a way that the two parts could have never achieved separately. For Mr. Seagal, it is fitting tribute in indeed.

Jean Claude Van Damme Tribute

They say that one good thing deserves another. But I also like to think that one OK thing deserves another slightly less cool but still funny thing. With that, I give you this tribute to Jean Claude Van Damme from user probierhappen. Sure, Van Damme isn't as cool as Seagal, and Evanescence's "Wake Me Up Inside" isn't as cool as anything. But that all goes out the window at the 15 second mark, when Jean Claude delivers an epic nut punch. Everything after that is just gravy...sweaty Belgian man gravy.

"Full House" Fan Video

Last but not least, we have this stunning tribute to the classic 90's sitcom, "Full House." Of course, it's a "classic" in the sense that Polio is one of the all time "classic" diseases, but I digress. Just because I didn't like the show doesn't make it bad. The same goes for Hillary Duff's song, "Beat of My Heart." Just because I think it sounds like a cat swallowed razor blades and is moaning for its life doesn't mean a thing. In fact, I'd even go as far as to say that user hilarydufffan56 chose the perfect song to accompany clips of the Tanner family. And with over 14,000 hits and counting, I think this tribute could go down as a "classic" in its own right.