Will Smith's movies list is filled with blockbuster hits that skyrocket to the top of the charts. It leaves one to wonder if he just has a knack for picking great movies or if it is his ability to make the movie great. Either way each Will Smith movie on this list will keep you riveted to the television from the beginning to the end. 

  1. “Bad Boys” is the Will Smith that was released in 1995 with Smith playing the role of Mike Lowry. Smith makes Lowry's character as a playboy believable with his suave moves and talent. Lowry and his partner Marcus as police officers, best friends and are as different as night and day.

  2. “Independence Day” put Smith in the pilots seat  as Captain Steve Hiller in 1996. When the aliens come to take over the Earth, the US needs all of the reinforcements they can get. Any and all pilots are welcome to try and destroy the alien ships before they take over the world.

  3. “Men in Black” was released in 1997 with Will Smith playing the role J. Agent J is partnered with Agent K, played by Tommy Lee Jones. Smith and Jones make a great team and play off each others strengths as they must save the earth from the aliens.

  4. “Wild Wild West” allowed Smith to step back in time as James West although it was released in 1999. West us a former Civil War hero that teams up with US Marshall Artemus Gordon in order to take down Arliss Loveless.

  5. “Hitch” was released in 2005 with Will Smith playing the role as Alex “Hitch” Hitchens. Hitch doesn't have any problems with women and he is teaching men to date. Is business is booming until he fails for a columnist whose next column is about him.

  6. “Hancock” was released in 2008 with Will Smith playing the role of John Hancock. A drunken super hero must make things right and go to jail for his crimes. Upon his requested release he learns that he isn't the only one with super powers and searches for answers about his past.