Vince Vaughn movies are normally mainstream comedic successes, but he has branched out throughout his career. Currently, Vince Vaughn often plays sarcastic characters who have great one-liners that keep audiences laughing. There is something endearing about the 6'5" actor, who still manages to pull off being adorable at his age. Though Vince Vaughn movie plots may differ, one constant is they will always be entertaining.

  1. "Wedding Crashers" This romantic comedy stars Vince Vaughn as Jeremy, a divorce mediator who crashes weddings with his best friend John. No wedding has gone un-crashed and the pair use charm and strict rules to get into any wedding. They use weddings as a way to pick up girls since women are more likely to go home with them after being surrounded by the thought of marriage. Everything goes well until John meets and falls for a girl at one of the weddings they crash. This Vince Vaughn movie is a must see for any fan of his because it will keep you laughing the whole way through.

  2. "Couples Retreat" This 2009 Vince Vaughn movie is about four couples taking what they think is a vacation together. An uptight couple want to work on their marriage, but in order to get a better rate at the couples island they need three other couples to attain a group rate. They convince their friends it is more of a tropical vacation than couple-workshop in order to get them there. Vince Vaughn plays Dave, a workaholic family man who is convinced there is nothing wrong with his marriage. Once on the island, Dave and the other unsuspecting couples are in for an unpleasant surprise upon learning the strict rules of the island. This Vince Vaughn movie is hilarious, and co-stars his long time friend Jon Favreau.

  3. "Psycho" In the 1998 remake of the 1960 classic horror suspense movie "Psycho," Vince Vaughn the mama's boy Norman Bates. Stepping away from his normally sarcastic movie roles, Vince Vaughn did a great job showcasing his serious side as the Bates Motel owner. This Vince Vaughn movie is almost a shot for shot remake of the original, and follows the same plot about a woman who steals a lot of cash from her boss and goes on the run. She ends up staying at the Bates Motel, which unfortunately is run by the insane Norman, who kills her in the classic shower scene. The "Psycho" remake was shot in color, unlike the original black and white movie.

  4. "Old School" Vince Vaughn plays Beanie, a family man who runs a successful chain of electronic stores. His friend Mitch goes through a hard break-up with his live-in girlfriend. Mitch movies out and into a new house near their old college campus. Turns out, the house is in the college jurisdiction and since it is not related to the college, Mitch has to move out. Vince Vaughn's character Beanie suggests they start a fraternity in order to establish the house with the college. The rest of the comedic movie plot revolves around the guys establishing themselves as a fraternity, recruiting new members, and throwing parties all while trying to keep their grown-up lives in check.

  5. "Swingers" This is the first Vince Vaughn movie that created a stir about the actor. The indie movie is about bachelors in their twenties trying to make it in LA. Vince Vaughn plays Trent, a wannabe actor who seems to think he has the ladies all figured out. His best friend Mike leaves New York and moves to LA to try and get back into the social scene after a break-up. In this 1996 Vince Vaughn movie, his long time real life friend Jon Favreau plays Mike, and Heather Graham co-stars.