Vera Farmiga hot scenes can make a mediocre movie a must-see. Fortunately, she has dawned nothing but her birthday suit in several movies that span her entire career. This Oscar nominated star sure knows how to perform.

  1. "Down to the Bone" Just as the title states, Vera Farmiga gets down to the bone herself in this film. In one particularly hot scene, she sits at a kitchen table topless with her husband. Her breasts are in full view for all to enjoy.

  2. "Running Scared" Playing the wife of Paul Walker’s character, Vera Farmiga has one hot scene in this movie where she is thrown on top of a washing machine and Paul Walker proceeds to go down on her.

  3. "The Departed" Straddling a relationship with both Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio, Vera Farmiga leaves her stamp all over this movie. In one hot scene, she is stripped to her bra in the kitchen while DiCaprio makes love to her.

  4. "In Tranzit" Taking place in 1946 Russia, Vera Farminga plays a Russian doctor at a POW camp. In one particularly hot scene, she is seduced and stripped by one of the German soliders, baring her full naked body.

  5. "Orphan" Vera Farmiga must really love the kitchen, as this film features yet another hot scene in the room where dinners are made. In an impromptu session wither her husband, Vera Farmiga is stripped to nothing but her bra and ravaged from behind.

  6. "Up in the Air" This is another film that features a hot scene with Vera Farmiga’s full naked body. Although a body double was used due to her recent childbirth, the illusion nonetheless works as she engages in a hot relationship with George Clooney.

-Nicholas Miles