The Vanessa Hudgens scandal happened not once, but twice. Kind of odd for the girl who got so embarrassed and defensive during the first scandal to put the whole thing on replay, but then Hollywood starlets rarely come with their heads screwed on tightly.

First Scandal
The first Vanessa Hudgens scandal erupted in 2008, when photos that she had taken of herself a few years previous surfaced on the internet. Just picture the look on Perez Hilton’s face when he scooped those babies up.

The story at the time was that Vanessa had just broken up with her boyfriend (or vice versa) and sent the pictures to him as a “look what you’re missing out on now” sort of jab. Evidently the jab backfired and sent the Disney Channel and Vanessa’s manager into a frenzy of apologies and statements. Vanessa herself seemed rather embarrassed – at the time anyway. Who wouldn’t be? But evidently her mom and friends took the news pretty well, so things eased over for her.

Second Time Around
Fast forward a year later, and now we have another Vanessa Hudgens scandal in the tabloids. This time, it seems that the pictures are a little more recent – and definitely taken on purpose.The explanation? Apparently, Vanessa wanted to  break out of little kiddie films and start acting like a big girl. She wanted A-list movie spots. Although no one’s exactly sure when posing nude on your Blackberry made you a candidate for an A-list movie, Vanessa must have thought it would help.

Of course, there are some rumors that new pictures of her face were Photoshopped onto her old pictures, but who’s to say? Hudgens didn’t exactly deny taking the new ones.This time, Disney didn’t give the “we hope Vanessa learned a lesson” speech, even though she had just finished filming and was currently promoting her movie, “Bandslam.” She was evidently more in her “Sucker Punch” mode, a movie in which she plays a hooker.

So the Vanessa Hudgens scandal has subsided for now, but don’t discount the possibility that more will surface as she loses popularity.