One unique job in Hollywood is to be a voice-over actor, and a few who got a great gig are the "Transformers" voice actors for the movie released in 2007.  The story was about two extraterrestrial clans: the Autobots, who wish to protect the Earth, and the Decepticons, who wish to control the universe. As a voice-over actor, the individual is placed in a sound proof booth and acts out his lines in front of a director. It is a tedious, difficult but a rewarding job once they see their work on the big screen.

  1. Optimus Prime voiced by Peter Cullen. Peter is the only actor who was a "Transformers" voice actor for both the movie and for cartoon television show back in the mid-80s. He played the Optimus Prime character for television, movies and video games. Peter has a long list of recognizable voices on television shows such as the K.A.A.R. for "Knight Rider" and Eeoyore in "Winnie the Pooh".

  2. Bumble Bee voiced by Mark Ryan. The yellow and black car with the attitude that was close friends to human s was Bumble Bee. Mark has played in several small acting roles but is best known for his role in the "Robin Hood" series back in the the mid-80s.

  3. Jazz voiced by Darius McCrary. Do you remember the hit television show "Family Matters"? Darius played the role of Eddie Windslow. Jazz was the Pontiac Solstice that turned into a robot.

  4. Ratchet voiced by Robert Foxworth. This Transformer voice actor has been acting since the early 70s. He has appeared in numerous television series such as "Falcon Crest" and "Six Feet Under". Ratchet was the H2 Hummer rescue Transformer.

  5. Ironhide/Baricade voiced by Jess Harnell. Jess was fortunate to grab two roles as a "Transformers" voice actor. One was Ironhide, which was the GMC black truck, and the other the Baricade, the police car. Harnell has had much success as a voice-over actor in cartoons such as "Atom TV", "Pinky and the Brain", and various video games.

  6. Megatron voiced by Hugo Weaving. This actor is most recognized as Agent Smith from "The Matrix". As a Transformers voice actor, he plays Megatron who is the leader of the Decepticons and is Optimus Prime's nemesis. Megatron is the biggest of the the villainous transformers and morphs into a tank.

  7. Bonecrusher voiced by Jimmy Wood. Bonecrusher is the transformer that morphs into a Mine Protective Clearance Vehicle. Jimmy has played in only a few roles and is more noted for his musical compositions on soundtracks.

  8. Frenzy voiced by Reno Wilson. This "Transformers" voice actor has appeared in televisions series such as the "Cosby Show", "N.Y.P.D. Blue" and most recently "Mike and Molly." He plays the tiniest transformer Frenzy who morphs into a boom box. Evil comes in small packages, don't keep your eyes off this one.

  9. Starscream voice by Charles Adler.  Not only is Charles a "Transformer" voice actor, but he is a very seasoned voice over actor in such shows as "Tiny Toon Adventures", "G.I. Joe" and "Rugrats". As Starscream, his transformer morphed into F22 Raptor Jet.