Despite being best known for entering the world of porn at age 16, Traci Lords' filmography includes several mainstream movies. Below is a list of some of her most famous Hollywood films.

"Not of This Earth"

Leading off the Traci Lords Filmography is "Not of This Earth," which was a 1988 science fiction movie directed by Jim Wynorsky. In the movie, Lords plays Nadine Story, a nurse who works at a hospital where aliens are trying to steal blood.

"Fast Food"

Though Traci Lords was displayed prominently on the video cover, she only had a ten minute part in the 1989 comedy about a sex drug that ended in a pizza sauce. Needless to say, this movie was not one of the most prominent in her filmography.

"Shock 'em Dead" 

"Shock 'em Dead" is a 1991 horror movie that became the fourth mainstream movie to make its way into Traci Lord's filmography. Lords plays Lindsay Roberts, a manager of a rock band whose concerts have been paralleled with several brutal murders.


"Skinner" is a 1993 Independent horror film starring Traci Lords as Heidi, a prostitute who is addicted to drugs. In this Traci Lords film, Heidi seeks revenge on a serial killer who tried to kill her.


Probably the most popular movie in Traci Lords' filmography, "Blade" also starred Wesley Snipes and Kris Kristofferson. Lords plays the seductive vampire, Raquel, who leads men to raves where they become victims to feeding vampires.

While Traci Lords is mostly known for bringing the pornography industry to its knees during the mid-eighties, Lords has been very successful since, as she not only appeared in several movies (including those on the above list), she is a best selling author and had even released a single.