The top 10 teen actors consist of actors who are new to the scene as well as some young actors you have watched grow up on the silver screen. Many teen actors on this top ten list are only on here due to their momentary place in the spotlight, though we will all have to wait and see what happens in their future careers. However, the names you recognize that you have seen in numerous different films have already built themselves fully formed careers before they are even technically grown-ups.

  1. Danielle Radcliffe. The star of "Harry Potter" is undoubtedly the most influential and important teen actor by default, shaping Harry Potter fans and a generation of children who are now teenagers worldwide. It will be interesting to see what he does in his future career.

  2. Miley Cyrus. Known for her television show and her subsequent musical tour, Miley Cyrus is a top ten teen actor mostly because of the money she brings in. However, is this a permanent thing or just a flash in the pan?

  3. Dakota Fanning. One of the best child actors ever, Dakota Fanning has already worked with some of the biggest filmmakers in all of Hollywood before even becoming a teenager. As she has been in films sporadically over her teenaged years, we will have to wait and see if she remains a top teen actor in the future.

  4. Abigail Breslin. After her incredible performance in "Little Miss Sunshine," Abigail Breslin has gone on to star in a numerous other hit films as she has come of age as a teenager. Look for her to blossom into one of the better actors of her generation.

  5. Hayden Pannetiere. The star of "Heroes" on NBC is about to leave her teenaged years and is poised to become an A-list bombshell as she makes her way into the next phase of her career.

  6. Emma Watson. The female star of "Harry Potter," among other good films, is well on her way to becoming one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood after a successful career as a teenager. For now, however, she is one of the top ten teen actors.

  7. Freddie Highmore. Though you might not know his name and probably won't recognize him, Freddie Highmore is one of the top ten teen actors in Hollywood. With roles in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "August Rush" and "Finding Neverland," Highmore is poised to be a teenager who will become a real adult actor in the future.

  8. Keke Palmer. One of the top ten teen actors who is only on cable television, Palmer first rose to prominence after her role on a film called "Akeelah and The Bee." This only proves she can work in both television and film and has a healthy career awaiting her in the future.

  9. Emma Roberts. Best known for "Hotel for Dogs" and "The Princess Diaries," Emma Roberts is blooming into one of the most attractive and talented teen actors of the current generation. But as a niece of Julia Roberts, it is in her blood.

  10. Taylor Lautner. The teen heartthrob is one of the top ten teen actors at this current moment, but we'll wait and see if he can move beyond the "Twilight" series of films and truly extend his career.