Over the last twenty years "The Simpsons" has established itself as one of the leading television series, and this has happened largely as a result of "The Simpsons" voice actors. These men and women bring these characters to life.  Without them, the lovable characters that are such a part of this animated sitcom would not have the life that they do and would not come to life on our television screens.

  1. Nancy Cartwright-"The Simpsons" would not be complete without this voice actress, who is the voice of Bart, the mischievous child who has come to be identified so strongly with "The Simpsons." Who would ever have thought that the world's most famous boy could be voiced by a woman?

  2. Dan Castellaneta-This "The Simpsons" voice actor is probably one of the most famous, since he voices the slovenly but lovable Homer. However, he has also built up a substantial repretoire of other roles, including in the series "Futurama," "The Return of Jafar," and the animated series "Aladdin." He has definitely proven himself to be an accomplished voice actor.

  3. Yeardley Smith-This lovely voice actress provides the unique voice of Lisa Simpson. However, you might not realize that she has also established herself as an actress in several live-action films. Throughout all of them, however, you can always tell that it's her, simply by that unmistakable voice.

  4. Julie Kavner-With her gravelly voice, Julia Kavner has long played the voice of Marge as well as her sisters Zelma and Patty. No one could mistake her voice, and she has brought a great deal of charm to the role. She has also performed in a variety of other animated films, including the Disney film "The Lion King 1 1/2."

  5. Hank Azaria-This versatile voice actor for "The Simpsons" plays a number of voices in the show, ranging from Moe to Apu, the owner of the local convenience store. However, he has also acted in a number of successful films, including "The Birdcage."

  6. Harry  Shearer-This enormously talented and flexible voice actor from “The Simpsons” provides more voices for more characters than perhaps any other voice actor. Characters that he voices include Mr. Burns, Smithers, Kent Brockman, and many others.

  7. Kelsey Grammer-No one could mistake the voice of this "Simpsons" voice actor, who has provided the voice for the villainous Sideshow Bob in his several appearances on the show. However, this venerable actor has also started in a number of series, including "Cheers" and its spinoff series "Frasier."

  8. Tress MacNeille-Tress MacNeille has certainly proven herself to be an incredibly versatile voice actor, and has starred in a number of animated films and television series. Fans of the "The Simpsons" will also note that she plays several prominent roles in the series, including the mother of Principal Skinner.  She also plays a number of voices in "Futurama," an animated series created by the creator of "The Simpsons."

  9. Phil Hartman-The late Phil Hartman had one of the most recognizable voices in television and so was an obvious choice as a voice actor for "The Simpsons." However, he was also famous for his work in a number of other popular series, including “News Radio” and “Saturday Night Live.”

  10. Frank Welker-In addition to his substantial work on “The Simpsons,” this voice actor has provided voices for a number of other famous cartoon characters. Perhaps most famously, he has provided the voice for the character of Fred in the various iterations of the perennially popular Scooby Doo.