The Root of All Evil Lewis Black Quotes

Friday, October 14 by George Root

Lewis Black quotespolitics. Check out these Lewis Black quotes and see if they make you wonder about our political system and the world around us.

"I do have certain feelings. My feeling is that whoever is in charge, I want him out." In 2004, Lewis Black was strangely absent from the campaign trail. As a political comedian, people expected Black to either be running for office, or campaigning for his favorite candidate. When asked why he did not get involved in politics, he gave this Lewis Black quote as the answer.

"Each of us is full of it, in our own special way." Many of the best Lewis Black quotes come from his comedy specials and books. This Lewis Black quote is from his book "Me of Little Faith" (2008), and sums up his feelings on human integrity.

"If it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college." This is one of the most famous Lewis Black quotes of all time. It is from stand-up routines he did on several occasions, and it appeared in several television specials. It outlines the frustrations of hearing part of a statement, and then never being able to get a clarification.

"Just relax and breathe through your ass." Another Lewis Black quote from "Me of Little Faith" (2008) that explains Lewis' inability to rely on the government to solve our problems. This is just a little sage advice from a professional cynic.

"If you stop eating doughnuts, you will live three years longer. That will just be three more years that you will want a doughnut." Lewis Black has a flair for pointing out the obvious. When you think about this Lewis Black quote, it makes a lot of sense.

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