Find out some interesting facts that you probably didn't know the Emmy award winning actress in Betty White's bio below. Ms White has been in the entertainment industry for more than 60 years, but she is more than just an actress. On November 9, 2010 because of her life long commitment to the protection and preservation of wilderness and wildlife, she was proclaimed an honorary forest ranger by the U.S. Forest Service.

Born in Oak Park, IL on January 17, 1922, Betty Marion White's family moved to Los Angeles, California when she was eighteen months old. When she was a little girl, Betty wanted to be a forest ranger, but women weren't allowed in that occupation in those days. She attended Beverly Hill High School and got married for the first time in 1947.

In 1949, Betty began her career as "Girl Friday" for Al Jarvis on Los Angeles' KLAC. Betty took over the station when Jarvis left in 1952. That same year she became one of the first ever female TV producers when she created the sitcom "Life With Elizabeth." Ms. White joined the cast of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" in its fourth season, playing the sweet nymphomaniac Sue Ann Nivens. She went on to star in her own "Betty White Show," and in 1985 Betty was cast in what is probably her most memorable role, the ditzy Rose Nylund on "The Golden Girls."

Betty White is still a force in Hollywood at 89 years old. Ms. White's career in television and movies spans six decades. She has won two Emmy Awards for "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," one Daytime Emmy Award for "Just Men,"one Emmy Award for "The Golden Girls", one Emmy Award for "The John Larroquette Show" and in 2010 she won an Emmy Award for "Saturday Night Live." Betty appeared in the TV movie "The Lost Valentine" (2011) alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sean Faris, she is currently lending her talented voice to the (2012) movie "The Lorax" as Norma.