If you haven’t seen any Alfred Hitchcock movies, that’s something you probably need to rectify in the near future. His ability to entertain audiences while simultaneously creating deep and meaningful films with his great mastery of cinematic technique helped build his reputation as one of the all-time masters. Many people these days think of him as the pudgy little guy on that old black and white television show, but he’s actually considered by many experts to be the greatest director ever and if you watch the films in this list, you’ll understand why.


Often ranked as the best Alfred Hitchcock movie and it’s easy to see why, although it can also be a little more challenging than some of his other flicks, so get ready to watch a really serious movie. The film stars Jimmy Stewart as a retired police officer with severe vertigo who takes a private job following the wife of an old college chum. It turns out that she’s a hottie and Jimmy falls for her, which ultimately leads him down a spiraling path of personal destruction. “Vertigo” has everything you could ever dream of, including romance, secret identities, betrayal, perversion and murder.

“Strangers on a Train”

One of most entertaining and pleasingly paced Alfred Hitchcock movies. This film is about a famous tennis player who meets a strange little guy named Bruno on a train. They start talking and before our hapless tennis player knows it, he’s making an agreement—in jest—that the two of them should exchange murders. Bruno will murder the tennis player’s ex-wife, a woman who’s giving him problems in his divorce, if the tennis player agrees to murder Bruno’s father. The tennis player soon finds out that Bruno wasn’t joking and things get heated in a hurry.


One of the most famous and well-regarded Alfred Hitchcock movies. It’s about a woman who makes a mistake and finds herself staying in a run-down motel with a bunch of money she’s stolen. Almost immediately, things turn very dark and there is a famous scene involving a shower. This is one of the few Hitchcock films that sometimes crosses the line from suspense into actual horror and it was important in the very early development of the slasher film. 

“Rear Window”

 Easily one of the most clever Alfred Hitchcock movies. It’s stars Jimmy Stewart as a guy confined to a wheelchair because of an injury. He becomes so bored that he starts spying on his neighbors and eventually starts to become very suspicious of one of them. He starts thinking that murder and mayhem might be afoot and the story develops from there. This is a great example of a simple premise that really develops into a brilliant movie.

“North by Northwest”

Probably Hitchcock’s best movie dealing with one of his favorite themes: a man falsely accused. Cary Grant is our hero, a rich playboy, who finds himself accused of international espionage and murder. This film is brilliantly shot with several memorable scenes and it’s also one of the funniest films Hitchcock ever made, showing the great directors brilliant sense of humor.