For the zaniest of music parodies, watch some Weird Al videos. The curly-haired, spectacled singer became a sensation decades ago for his humorous portrayals of the latest pop songs. He’s still going strong today, satirizing the likes of Lady Gaga and the "Star Wars" franchise. Check out some of his most famous parodied tunes below.

“Eat It” This Weird Al video is a parody of Michael Jackson’s ‘80s classic, “Beat It.” In the song, Weird Al wears the iconic red jacket from the original music video, but sings about stuffing your face rather than violence. In the video, he tells the camera, “You won’t get no dessert till you clean off your plate, so eat it! Just eat it!"

“Fat” Weird Al took another famous Michael Jackson song and gave it a similar spin. This time, he used the ‘80s hit “Bad” and turned it to “Fat,” answering the question posed to him by his enemies, “Are you fat or what?” The video has Weird Al in a fat suit surrounded by hefty backup dancers.

“Amish Paradise” This Weird Al video takes a classic ‘90s rap song and turns it on its head. The parody is Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” adapted to fit the Amish lifestyle. Weird All dons a beard, suit and an accent in this hilarious song. The best part is Florence Henderson appearing as a parody of Michelle Pfeiffer in the original music video.

“The Saga Begins” This Weird Al video borrows from a very classic American song: Don McLean’s “American Pie.” Weird Al updated it, however, as a Star Wars tribute and sets the video “a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away.” The music video has Weird Al dressed as a Jedi singing among dancing aliens.

“Perform This Way” Weird Al’s most recent parody makes fun of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” The music video is coming soon, but the song and lyrics are out. Weird Al instructs listeners to “Buy a bubble dress and you’ll go far.” He makes fun of Lady Gaga’s crazy stage antics, singing, “I’ll wrap my small intestines ‘round my neck, and set fire to myself on stage.”

“White and Nerdy” This Weird Al video is a take on Chamillionaire’s “Ridin’ Dirty” and has Al dressed in an absurd rapper getup, as well as a super nerdy white guy outfit. He belts out, “Look at me, I’m white and nerdy.” He makes fun of all the white stereotypes like his affinity for computer programs, Segways, Renaissance Fairs, fanny packs and shopping at the Gap.

“Like a Surgeon” Weird Al takes a jab at Madonna with this video that parodies the ‘80s song, “Like a Virgin.” The Weird Al video makes fun of the medical profession and has him dressed as less than a knowledgeable surgeon. He sings, “Like a surgeon, cutting for the very first time.” The best part is his dance on the floor, which parodies Madonna’s original video.

-Layla Sinclair