Jason Earles’s biography reveals the life of the actor who portrays Jackson Stewart on the Disney Channel’s hit series “Hannah Montana.” Jason Earles was born in April 1977 in San Diego, California and became famous after starring in a recurring role in “Hannah Montana." Despite his boyish good looks, many people are unaware that Earles is a college graduate with a wife. He can easily pass for a younger age, which is an asset on TV and movie sets.

Earles studied acting, directing and cold reading for which he won an award. Many actors enter Hollywood without any experience. However, Earles made an effort to learn everything he could. If he was not taking lessons, you would find him acting in local plays in Montana and Oregon.

Jason Earles’s first appearance on television was on MADtv in 2003 which was followed by another role on “The Shield.” He debuted in a feature film in 2004 titled “National Treasure” in which he played the role of Thomas Gates. However, it was not until he was chosen to have a role in the popular series “Phil of the Future” from 2005 to 2006 that he emerged as a star.

Jason Earles won over the hearts of the Disney directors, so they cast him in their fresh new hit “Hannah Montana” where he played the annoying brother of the star of the show, Hannah Montana. He maintained that role in the feature film “Hannah Montana: The Movie.” Additionally, he starred in the Disney Channel movie “Dadnapped” with Emily Osment.

Jason Earles enjoys snowboarding, video games and baseball in his free time. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Jennifer, and their two cats.