Steve Driver movies aren't too well known in the mainstream realm of film making. However, he is a cult figure in the world of pornography. His story is unheard of and bears repeating, to say the least. He was living in the Ultima DVD studio, which is where he worked. Steve Driver was told to leave and went crazy on everyone. Ultimately killing his fellow acting companion, Tom Dong, with machete. Driver escaped but as the police were closing in on him, he jumped off a cliff and committed suicide. He never made too many films, but they serve as a reminder of how tough the industry can really be.

  1. "She Is Half My Age 5." Directed by Brandon Iron, this Steve Driver movie leaves little to the imagination. This movie is about getting with a much younger girl and the benefits of doing so. This movie was made in 2008, and received rave reviews from pornography fans. Only the 5th version of this film, it encapsulated what the previous four stood for, sex with someone much younger.

  2. "10 Man Cum Slam 23." This movie comes from a long line of others. Steve Driver carried the torch for this movie playing a very intimate role in the films plot. Without giving too much away, the rest of the cast perform spectacularly.

  3. "5 Guy Cream Pie 29." Steve Driver stands out from the crowd of five in this movie. Directed by Glenn Baren, this 2007 retrospect is all about the after effects of a hardcore good time. Becca Bay and Jersey Cummings costar in this movie as the unsuspected victims of an unrelenting cream pie.