Steve Carell movies are often funny, yet many are touching, poignant, and serious as well. As the iconic star of "The Office" for years, Steve Carell simultaneously became a movie star as well. Here are some of his must-see films.

  1. "Despicable Me"-Steve Carell provides the voice of the character Gru in the movie. This charming movie that follows the adventures of orphans and explores the world beneath suburbia of planned heists and subterranean hideouts.

  2. "Little Miss Sunshine"-This movie with heart explores several important themes that mainstream Hollywood films often shy away from. In this creative film, Carell plays the uncle of a child who aspires to be a beauty pageant winner. His character is recovering from a suicide attempt and a broken heart, yet he somehow brings humor to this serious role, as well as a great depth and sense of fun. 

  3. "date night"-Tina Fey plays opposite the funny man in this comedy of errors. They play an ordinary couple who have grown tired of their hum-dru date night in suburbia. They try to kick things up a notch by taking date night into Manhattan, but things go awry from there. 

  4. "Get Smart"- Steve Carell has created an iconic TV character in his own right on "The Office." In this movie, however, he re-creates the role of Maxwell Smart, the legendary television detective who's just a tad bit dependent on Agent 99 (played by Anne Hathaway in the film). 

  5. "Evan Almighty"- Carell stars as Evan Baxter in this movie about a newscaster-turned-Congressman who is chosen by God for a mission. The very flawed character has his life turned upside down in this unusual comedy.

  6. "Curly Sue"-This movie from 1991 was made long before Steve Carell was a household name. It's the story of a precocious child and her adventures with her guardians. Carell plays the role of Tesio in it. 

  7. "Bewitched"- Nicole Kidman stars as the beguiling Samantha in this movie version of the television classic. It's not a straight remake, though; it's one with a twist. Carell memorably plays the iconic character, Uncle Arthur.

  8. "Dan In Real Life"- Dealing with three young daughters is a bit on he stressful side, as any devoted parent knows. The comedic actor digs deeply here. He brings an understated sincerity to his role as Dan, an advice columnist who seems quite in need of advice himself.

  9. "The 40-Year-Old Virgin"-There's something to this virgin thing, as Steve Carell proves in this zany comedy. He plays a guy with a nice apartment, a cushy job at an electronic shop, and a nice comic book collection. When he gets a big crush, he starts to rethink some of his priorities. 

  10. "Over the Hedge"- Carell provides the voice of Hammy to this animated movie. It's about woodland friends who realize that a hedge has appeared in their formerly all-natural habitat. What they do sets this enchanting story in motion.  

-Robin Raven