He's been in a lot of things, so what are the best Seth Rogen movies? Seth Rogen is the chubby, hilariously funny curly haired Jewish funny man that's been monopolizing the screen since his most famous movie, "Knocked Up". Since then, you can find this guy in everything. Or, better yet, you notice him in everything he's done previously. Seth Rogen is one of those unlikely funny men that can steal a scene simply because he's a nut. Not to mention, most of his frat-boy like antics in his flicks makes Seth Rogen seem like the type of cool guy you could see yourself hanging out with. Here are the best Seth Rogen vehicles you should see.

  1. "Funny People". This movie wasn't a stretch for Seth Rogen at all. He plays a struggling comedian who luckily crosses paths with one of the biggest names in comedy. Yes, the movie is hilarious, but it also has a message of understanding the importance of developing lasting friendships. It's a pretty long flick, but you'll enjoy this Seth Rogen film.

  2. "Pineapple Express". What do you do when you witness your drug dealer's supplier kill someone? You get high and run... duh! This film is just over the top silly. It's full of crude humor and insane situational comedy. For all you stoners out there, you'll love it. Those of you that don't partake in the herbal ummm remedies, it's still a pretty funny flick and easily one of the best Seth Rogen films.

  3. "Zack and Miri Make a Porno". You can tell by the name alone that this Seth Rogen film is just crazy. He plays a slacker employee at a coffee shop. He can't pay his bills, his car's a piece of crap, and he's on the verge of being evicted. In order to make money he decides to enlist his friends and make, what else, a porno. Make sure you get the unrated version.

  4. "Monsters Vs. Aliens". Seth Rogen plays a gelatinous blob working for the United States government. He and his freakish buddies have been charged with protecting the human race from a race of big headed space aliens. This animated film is hilarious. It's definitely worth the rental fee.

  5. "Knocked Up". This is the movie that put Seth Rogen on the map. Yeah, yeah, it isn't his first movie, but it's the vehicle that made him a household name. He plays a lucky loser that finds his way into bed with a hot blonde, and WHOOPS. Baby on the way. He' finds himself struggling to grow up in the next nine months for the benefit of his unborn child, while dealing with the prudish woman who's carrying his child. Yeah, the movie sprinkles a few serious messages in it here and there, but it's all about the comedy with this one. You'll love it.