Gerard Butler movies normally feature the Scottish actor in rough and tough roles, although sometimes he wimps out and plays in a lame rom-com. Regardless of what movies he appears in from now on, he will almost always be known as the Spartan soldier in “300.” His career has never reached that level of success since but he has still enjoyed a modest Hollywood career since that iconic role.

Dracula 2000”  This Gerard Butler movie sees the actor play the greatest vampire known to man. In “Dracula 2000,” he plays the vampire woken up in the 21st Century and on the rampage while Abraham Van Helsing remains alive, injecting himself with Dracula’s blood to sustain his long life. The movie has few fans but does have an ingenious origin story for Dracula that stretches back to Biblical times and makes a ton of sense when you think about it. It is one of the best origin tales of the vampire ever told.

“300”  In the Gerard Butler movie that made him a star, he spends most of the film running around in a toga and little else. With the entire background created with green screens and the abs of most soldiers looking like they were digitally added as well, director Zack Snyder created a sensation. The movie tells of the Spartans standing up to the Persians and fighting for their lives. This movie spawned a number of films using the same techniques, including Snyder’s next film, “Watchmen.”

“P.S. I Love You”  I mentioned that not all Gerard Butler movies were action and some went for schmaltzy romances and this is one of them. In this unique rom-com, Gerard Butler’s character dies early in the movie but leaves notes and planned situations for his widow to follow to help her find happiness after his death. Oscar winner Hilary Swank plays his widow who finds confidence to move on in the letters left by her dead husband.

“Gamer”  With that rom-com out of the way, it was back to balls-to-the-wall action with “Gamer,” a movie directed by the mad men who made “Crank.” In this Gerard Butler movie, Butler stars as a convict in the future who is used in a virtual reality videogame. In the game, players take control of the bodies of the men inside the game and use them in a first-person shooter game. All the men used in the game are death row inmates and the movie has all the crazy angles and shots you expect from directors Neveldine and Taylor, although the movie is not quite up to the level of “Crank.”

“Law Abiding Citizen”  This Gerard Butler movie has an interesting premise but struggles at times to fulfill it. Butler plays a man whose wife and daughter are raped a murdered by a man. When the justice system fails him and lets the man out of prison after only three years, he sets out to concoct a ten year plan for vengeance against not only the men who killed his family but everyone in the justice system who failed him as well.