Be sure to check below for some interesting industry facts about the main characters of the "Scary Movie" cast. "Scary Movie" (2000) is a parody of  popular slasher movies from the 80s and 90s. Here is the "Scary Movie" cast, and some facts about them.

  1. Shawn Wayans. Shawn plays Ray, the spooky football player who is among a group of friends that are on the run from a maniac killer. Shawn and three of his nine siblings are considered to be one of the funniest families in Hollywood today. Shawn also appeared in "Scary Movie 2" 2001, "White Chicks," 2004 and "Little Man" 2006. He got his start on the comedy series "In Living Color" 1990-1994.

  2. Shannon Elizabeth. Shannon plays the not-so-bright Buffy, who along with her friends is also on the run from the revengeful killer who they think they accidentally killed the previous summer. Shannon was seen in "American Pie" 1999, "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," 2001, and "13 Ghosts" 2001.

  3. Regina Hall. Regina plays Brenda, Buffy's best friend; she has appeared in every "Scary Movie" to date. Regina got her start in film in Malcolm D. Lee's "The Best Man" 1999. Hall also had a recurring role on the TV drama "Ally McBeal," and she was recently cast in the Kris Rock movie "Death at a Funeral" 2010.

  4. Marlon Wayans. Marlon plays Shorty a stoner. Marlon, like his siblings, got his start on the TV hip-hop comedy series "In Living Color," 1990-1994. Marlon is a dramatic actor as well who portrayed a drug addict in "Requiem for a Dream" 2000.

  5. Lochlyn Munro. Lochlyn is Greg, the loudmouth of the group. Munro is a very funny comedian; he got his start with a small role in the movie "Cadence" 1990, which also starred Charlie Seen and Laurence Fishburne. Lochlyn became well know after his role as a desperate and horny college student who's trying to get laid in the 1998 film "Dead Man on Campus." Munro was recently seen in the 2010 romantic comedy "Christmas Mail."

  6.  Jon Abrahams. Jon plays Bobby, the horny boyfriend of Cindy. Jon was also seen in "Boiler Room" 2000, which starred Vin Diesel, Giovanni Ribisi, and Nia Long. Jon then shifted gears and appeared in Wes Craven's Horror "They" 2002.

  7. Anna Faris. Anna is Cindy, Bobby's straight-laced girlfriend. Faris is one of the funniest comediennes today; she became popular due to her acting in the "Scary Movie" franchise. Anna has dramatic skills also, which she showed of in "Brokeback Mountain," 2005. Anna has also made many appearances on the hit TV sitcom "Friends." Faris had a lead role in the comedy "Observe and Report" 2009 and "Yogi Bear" 2010.

- Tyrone Cousin