Keep reading this article to find out more about your favorite actor/actors of the "Scary Movie 2" cast. "Scary Movie 2" 2001, is a parody of "The Exorcist" 1973 and "The Haunting" 1999. It is the sequel to "Scary Movie" from the previous year. Here are some industry facts about the cast of "Scary Movie 2."

  1. Marlon Wayans. Marlon returns as (Shorty) the stoner. Shorty and his friends have been invited to the haunted mansion of professor Olman (played by Tim Curry) for a weekend sleep deprivation study. Marlon's first movie role was in the blaxploitation film "I'm  gonna git you Sucka" 1988, which was written and directed by his older brother Keenan Ivory Wayans. Marlon and his brother Shawn had their own television sitcom, "The Wayans Bros." from 1995 to 1999. In 2010, Marlon was cast in the movie "Marmaduke," as the voice of lightning.

  2. Shawn Wayans. Shawn returns as the fey football player (Ray). The characters of "Scary Movie 2" were partially created by Shawn. Shawn is also a part of Wayans Bros. Entertainment alone with his siblings. Shawn was one of the writers of the 2009 comedy "Dance Flick," which he also starred in as a dead beat dad. Shawn wore a different hat in 1999 when he was cast in a much more serious role for the movie "New Blood."

  3. Anna Faris. Anna brings (Cindy) back to the screen in  "Scary Movie 2," Cindy was the straight-laced girl in the first "Scary Movie." Anna Faris is one of the funniest actors in Hollywood today, who also does a lot of physical comedy in her films. "Mama's Boy" 2007 " and Observe and Report" 2009, are two must-see Anna Faris films. If you want to see Anna's dramatic skills, check her out in "Brokeback Mountain" 2005, where she played opposite David Harbour as his wife. Anna played Rachel in "Yogi Bear" 2010. 

  4. Tim Curry. Curry plays (professor Oldman). Oldman has invited some of his students to his haunted mansion for the weekend to study sleep deprivation. However, once they are there, a series of murders and supernatural goings-on take place. British actor Tim Curry is probably best know for his performance as Dr. Frank N. Furter, a transvestite mad scientist in the stage and screen versions of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Note: Shawn and Marlon Wayans were also writers and co-executive producers of "Scary Movie 2."

-Tyrone Cousin