She's a great actress, so how do you choose a selection of flicks to add to a Sandra Bullock movies list? Well, seeing as how this is a guy's forum so to speak. It's only right to talk about the Sandra Bullock movies that display her talent, as well as her beauty equally. In other words, the Sandra Bullock movies that made this list are the ones that you could put on mute and still be entertained. Check out this Sandra Bullock movie list.

  1. "The Proposal". What would you do if your boss forced you to get engaged with her to keep her from being deported? Who cares, right? Well, what if your boss was Sandra Bullock? Yeah, a lot of you dudes would jump on that like a flea to a dog. Well, that's what this Sandra Bullock flick is all about. She plays a tough yet sexy boss that needs to get hitched in order to stay in the country. It's a funny movie, and of course, she's smoking hot.

  2. "Miss Congeniality". There's something about Sandra Bullock in tough chick roles that just sizzles on screen. This particular comedy is one in which she does just that. She plays an FBI agent that goes undercover in a beauty pageant. You get to see her kick a lot of butt, and you get to see her in bikinis. It's like winning the lotto twice.

  3. "The Net". She loses her identity and she races to get it back. Yeah, yeah. The movie is actually a great action thriller, but you know the real reason you'd sit through a mid 1990's Sandra Bullock flick. Sandra Bullock of course. Seriously though, it's a nice change from the romantic comedies she does.

  4. "The Blind Side". This Sandra Bullock film won a bunch of awards. It was critically acclaimed. The list goes on and on. And the inspiring story of a family that takes in a kid with nowhere to turn is always going to grab a boat load of fans, including you. Just a great overall film. But, Sandra Bullock as a blonde is simply amazing to see. So gorgeous.

  5. "Premonition". This movie is just plain cool. Of course, Sandra Bullock is gorgeous. But, the overall story is great. A woman in a rocky relationship keeps having dreams that her cheating husband is going to die. To tell you more would be to ruin the plot. You should definitely see this film.

  6. "Demolition Man". Yeah, movie snobs won't like this one. Frankly, the story sucks. But, this is one of those cases where you should see the movie simply because Sandra Bullock is so damn fine. You can waste two hours out of your day to see her in her sexy little cop uniform.

  7. "Speed". There's a bombshell on a bus, and her name is Sandra Bullock. You all know this movie. And, you all know that the movie kicks ass. Finally, you all know that Sandra Bullock was at her most beautiful in this film. She's also the reason so many guys just don't like Keanu Reeves.

-Brian Bush