Salma Hayek sex scenes are common as she is one of the more attractive and better actresses working in the entertainment business today. She has been in a number of different movies, many of which have sex scenes. These Salma Hayek sex scenes vary in hotness and exposure, based upon her character and the type of story that is being told. But if you're a fan of Salma Hayek, or just think she is really hot, check out the movies listed below to see some of the best Salma Hayek sex scenes.

  1. "Frida." A film about the famous Mexican artist Frida Callo stars Salma Hayek as this amazing woman who broke all the rules to do her art. This included sleeping around regularly in her younger years, yielding a number of hot Salma Hayek sex scenes. Regardless of the fact that she has a uni-brow the whole time, she is still hot!

  2. "Desperado." This Robert Rodriguez film starred Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek. You know from the start that these two incredibly attractive people are going to hit the skins. And sure enough, it happens, creating a brief but erotic Salma Hayek sex scene.

  3. "After the Sunset." A movie that was critically panned and hardly scene has a couple distant, but sexy, Salma Hayek sex scenes. These all occur on the beach with Pierce Brosnan. But just about any sex scene with Salma Hayek is worth watching.

  4. "Ask the Dusk." Robert Towne, who wrote the masterpiece "Chinatown," directed this movie about a Mexican woman who marries a wealthy American. There are a number of very erotic sex scenes through out the film with her co-star Colin Farrell, in which they have sex in a bedroom and go swimming naked in the ocean together at night.

  5. "54." This movie about the infamous night club in New York City was supposed to take you behind the seedy scenes of what happened in it's heyday. Unfortunately the film was a relatively unwatchable disaster, even with a rough and silly sex scene between Salma Hayek and Ryan Phillippe. It's tough to screw up up a Salma Hayek sex scene but some how this movie managed to do so.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Eli Kooris