Ryan Reynolds movies feature the young actor normally as a cocksure, arrogant individual. Reynolds has attempted to stretch his acting muscles, taking on different characters including some smaller, independent movies and has proven to be a versatile, successful Hollywood actor.

  1. “Van Wilder” – Ryan Reynolds movie career hit its stride with this National Lampoon comedy in 2002. While Reynolds starred in a number of smaller movies and TV shows, he became a star in “Van Wilder.” This movie also helped typecast him as a smarmy man-child, a role he played for a number of years.

  2. “Blade: Trinity” - Ryan Reynolds stepped out of his comfort zone slightly in this comic book adaptation. He played the same type of cocky, self assured character as he did in “Van Wilder” but bulked up for the action genre. His character is a vampire hunter and was being groomed for a spin-off until the movie critically flopped.

  3. “The Amityville Horror” – This was his foray into the horror genre. Platinum Dunes remade a number of classic horror movies and this remakes of the 1979 movie was released in 2005. Reynolds played the father whose family is haunted by a demonic possession in their new home.

  4. “Waiting” – Over the years, Ryan Reynolds has accepted smaller, supporting roles in independent movies. “Waiting” is a funny look at the world of the service industry from the point of view of waiters in restaurants. Reynolds once again plays the cocky, self-assured waiter while Justin Long plays his more subdued friend.

  5. “Just Friends” – The rom-com was the next stop for the versatile actor. In “Just Friends,” Ryan Reynolds plays a man who used to be extremely overweight but now is fit and trim. He is also a womanizer thanks to a rejection during his fat years and now faces the woman who turned him into the man he became.

  6. “Definitely, Maybe” – This interesting independent film sees Ryan Reynolds playing a father who attempts to tell his daughter how he met her mother, who he is currently divorcing. Instead of telling the straight story, he tells the story of three women he met and leaves it up to her to figure out which of the women turned out to be her mother.

  7. “Adventureland” – In another independent Ryan Reynolds movie, this stars Jesse Eisenberg as a recent college graduate who can’t find a job and has no idea where to go in life. He chooses to work at an amusement park where he meets an interesting group of people, including a friendly, yet womanizing, older man played by Reynolds.

  8. “Wolverine” -  In what looks to be a major career turn, Ryan Reynolds movies have become more of a comic book variety and “Wolverine” was his second venture into the superhero genre. He plays an anti-hero Deadpool, although the movie changed many aspects of his character. The character remains a popular option for a future spinoff.

  9. “The Proposal” – Returning to the Ryan Reynolds movie rom-com phase, he teams with Sandra Bullock in this story of a woman who has to marry an American citizen in order to avoid being deported back to Canada and losing her job. The movie remains a funny romp with a nice cameo from Betty White.

  10. buried – Ryan Reynolds movies have never been as scary as when his character is buried alive and spends almost the entire movie trapped in a casket, trying to figure out a way to escape. The movie is a claustrophobic tale where Reynolds proves he can carry a movie all by himself.