The following Robert Pattinson movies have made this actor a rising star and a sex symbol to millions of preteen girls around the country. Although most men over twenty probably have no idea who in the world he is, take note because you’ll be seeing more of him in the future taking on more serious roles.

  1. “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” One of this actor’s early roles was in the film adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s fourth Harry Potter book. In the movie, he plays Hogwarts School hero, Cedric Diggory. He ends up meeting a deadly fate by the close of the movie, which is why viewers don’t see him appear in any subsequent films.

  2. “Twilight” This movie made Robert Pattinson the object of obsession for many young girls. He plays a mysterious vampire high schooler with pale white skin and yellowish eyes that seem to make the girls swoon rather than scream. He quickly bewitches a girl named Bella, played by Kristen Stewart.

  3. “New Moon” As the second “Twilight” installment, the movie sees Robert Pattinson’s vampire character Edward challenged by another rival to Kristen Stewart’s affection: Jacob, the werewolf, played by Taylor Lautner. This sequel started the whole Team Edward vs. Team Jacob debate among young women, which you might have been scratching your head over.

  4. “Eclipse” The third “Twilight” installment has Robert Pattinson returned again to his love after some time apart. Kristen Stewart’s character must finally decide, however, between dating a werewolf or a vampire (since human guys are obviously way overrated). All the while, a killer runs rampant around their town.

  5. “Remember Me” This Robert Pattinson movie is a modern day love story that pairs him with actress, Emilie de Ravin. The two discover that they both have suffered from tragedies in their family and learn to love again on the eve of September 11th  in New York.

  6. “How To Be” A prett unknown Robert Pattinson movie, this film features him as a recent graduate stuck back at home and suffering from an existential quandary. He seeks the aid of a self-help master to figure it all out with him.

  7. “The Haunted Airman” In this made-for-TV movie starring Robert Pattinson, the actor plays an English pilot who finds himself going crazy in a fog-covered, creepy hospital. The film heavily relied on advertising its “Twilight” star, and the only people who actually saw this movie were most likely wearing a Team Edward T-shirt.

- Laura Picklesimer