True redheaded actresses in Hollywood can be somewhat rare, but if you love redheads, you'll love this list. Not only are these redheaded actresses quite gorgeous, most of them are highly respected in the acting industry. Enjoy this list of redheaded actresses that we all love to watch in movies and television.

  1. Marcia Cross Marcia Cross is a Juilliard-trained actress who has appeared in many successful television shows such as "Melrose Place" and "Desperate Housewives." She's one of the rare, true redheaded actresses in Hollywood.

  2. Julianne Moore Julianne Moore is a talented redheaded actress that has been in a plethora of movies, including many that were nominated for Oscars. She has been nominated for four Oscars for her work as Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her work in "Far From Heaven," "The Hours," "The End of the Affair" and "Boogie Nights."

  3. Molly Ringwald Molly Ringwald is a redheaded actress that has appeared in many theatrical releases but is best-known for her work in John Hughes films such as "Sixteen Candles," "Pretty in Pink" and "The Breakfast Club."

  4. Laura Prepon Laura Prepon is best known for her role on "That 70's Show" but has been in many theatrical releases and television shows. She drew critical acclaim for her role in "Karla" where she played the serial killer, Karla Homolka.

  5. Alyson Hannigan Alyson Hannigan is a natural red eaded actress that is best-known for her roles in "American Pie," "How I Met Your Mother" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." She got her start in commercials at age four.

  6. Nicole Kidman Nicole Kidman is an actress that was born in Hawaii but lived in Australia until making her debut in the United States. She has been nominated for many Oscars and won the award for Best Actress in a leading role in "The Hours."

  7. Lindsay Lohan Perhaps one of the more troubled stars, Lindsay Lohan is a redheaded actress that has been in multiple movies and television shows. She started as a model when she was just three years old and has been under fire for her drug abuse and her troubled ways. Some of her movies include, "Mean Girls" and "Georgia Rule."

  8. Christina Hendricks Christina Hendricks joins the ranks of redheaded actresses and is best known for her role on the hit AMC show "Mad Men." She is also well known for her voluptuous figure and fair skin.

  9. Debra Messing Debra Messing is mostly known for her role in "Will and Grace" but has been in many movies and television shows over the years. She is a natural redhead and has been nominated for many Golden Globe awards.

  10. Carol Burnett Carol Burnett is a prolific actress with a career spanning many decades. She got her start as a comedic performer and has since been seen in hundreds of television shows including "Glee."

There is your list of redheaded actresses. Although there are a few that could have been added such as Alicia Witt or Isla Fisher, the actresses mentioned in this list are perhaps the most well-known redheaded actresses.