Suavely debonair and always smooth, Pierce Brosnan movies have filled the Cineplexes for the last decade. After a superb job on TV’s “Remington Steele,” Pierce Brosnan landed several leading roles and cameos in a host of Hollywood movies, including a stint as the ever famous James Bond.

  1. “Live Wire” This classic Pierce Brosnan movie has him play a bomb disposal expert who goes up against a terrorist that has developed an undetectable liquid that ignites when ingested by a living person. His work puts stress on his marriage, which he tries to salvage throughout the film.

  2. “Mrs. Doubtfire” In this hit starring Robin Williams, Pierce Brosnan plays the handsome suitor that is smitten with Mrs. Doubtfire’s ex-wife. In a comical pool-side scene, Pierce Brosnan is the victim of a drive-by “fruiting” at the hands of Mrs. Doubtfire.

  3. James Bond Movies From 1995 through 1999, Pierce Brosnan played James Bond in four films. In “GoldenEye,” “Tomorrow Never Dies,” “The World is Not Enough,” and “Die Another Day,” Brosnan added a charming and elegant side to 007, although his stint veered towards camp near the end.

  4. “Mars Attacks!” In this Tim Burton movie, Pierce Brosnan plays an intellectual scientist at the forefront of the Martian invasion. After being abducted by the aliens, his head is separated from his body but he is kept alive for further testing.

  5. “Dante’s Peak” Opting for the scientist role yet again, Pierce Brosnan plays a volcano expert in this movie. He tries to warn a small town of the impending eruption of their long dormant volcano, but his advice falls on deaf ears until the mountain blows its lid.

  6. “The Thomas Crown Affair” In a James Bond-esque performance, Pierce Brosnan plays a wealthy businessman and part time art thief in this remake. His bored banker then has a risky love affair with the woman who is tasked with tracking down the thief.

  7. “After the Sunset” In this post-James Bone movie, Pierce Brosnan plays a career thief who decides to come out of retirement to steal the last diamond in a rare collection. His wife is not happy and neither is the FBI agent that he has embarrassed over his long career.

  8. “The Matador” In one of his best performances, Pierce Brosnan plays an out of touch hitman who happens upon a traveling salesman. The two form an unlikely friendship as the hitman forces the salesman out of his boring life as the two must fight for their life against the hitman’s former employers.

  9. “Mamma Mia!” Pierce Brosnan plays one of the lovers of a floozy and the potential father of her teenage daughter in this movie based on the musical. This is filled with musical numbers and a mystery that stretches to the end of the movie as the daughter searches for her biological father.

  10. “The Ghost Writer” In this Roman Polanski film, Pierce Brosnan plays a former UK Prime Minister who has hired a ghost writer to complete his memoirs. The ghostwriter is soon embroiled in an international conspiracy as scandal envelopes the Prime Minister.

- Nicholas Miles